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Deciding what sex baby is....

Having a bit of a dilemma at the mintue (que nelly and
I am preggers with baby no 3.. As I already have one of each I have tried to guess what I am having this time. Thing is I have mixed signals.... some of my body is the same as when I had a little boy and some of my body is the same as when I had my little bit confused :\?

I know I put a lot of weight on so I asked my oh other day if I have put any weight on... he said maybe a little bit (bless him, obviously realising I, but yesterday I saw a friend and she said it looked like I had lost weight, but I was carrying more round the front.. which is how I carried my daughter,,,

Anyone got any advice or anything about trying to guess what baby is going to be.... I am too impatient to wait til 19th novemeber when I have my scan at 23weeks! :roll: :\?



  • Sorry Lisa,

    I'm not going to be much help to you though I can relate to the impatient thing as my hubby says I'm the most impatient person he knows!!!

    I was convinced that I was going to have a boy this time coz I felt so sick all the time & soo tired where I had none of this with my daughter but the scan revealed that we are having another girl so I guess you cant go too much by how you feel but it is good fun guessing!!

    Hilary x
  • Hi,
    If you believe in old wives tales there's a whole section on this site about guessing ths baby's sex. Have you tried the ring on the string over the bump and seeing it go round in circles (boy) or side to side (girl).... Worth a try!!! x
  • My mum can tell to look at a bump if its a boy or a girl- I have never know of her to be wrong!! I do believe that some people have a kind of gift in that way. Ask around maybe your older relatives might be good at this- my mum has people she hardly knows asking her all the time!!
  • I haven't tried the ring and string, but have asked my dowser and also had my tarrot cards read which mentioned I was having a certain sex and when.. I didnt know this person and they didn't know I was pregnant as was only 8 weeks then and didnt want anyone to know!

    I can ask older relatives as I live a good 150 miles from them although a friend did say I was carrying round the front which I did with my daughter,,, but other things suggest a boy!

    Oh I am so maybe I am not ment to know! lol
  • The ring thing is wrong for me!! It said girl and I'm having a boy. Funny really cause at first I was convinced it was a girl and then from about 10-12 weeks i changed my mind.

    i read a list on babycentre a while back about signs that you are supposedly carrying a girl or a boy - and I had signs of both lists! lol
  • IThanks kia think i might go and ahve a look at oh and love you
  • If you find the list can you post a link? It was amusing and I forgot to bookmark it.

    I love my pic too...found it somewhere online and had to swipe it image It amuses the geeky side of me!
  • Hi again Kia...

    Just had a quick look but could only find the one that america has launched in uk where you have to pay.. Will go and have a proper look later and will let you know... I am waiting for my new bed to be delivered so dont want to get ingrossed in anything yet... memory foam.. oh I cant wait, hopefully I will be able to get comfy and sleep better

    If you like a laugh ahve you been to SOmewhere on there is a caartoon section for everyweek of pregnancy.. while some weeks werent funny, others had me with tears running down my in facet could do with a laugh might go and have another look! They do tracker thingys there aswell.. hopefully mine will work which I have pasted down below..

    Lisa x

  • maybe this one will work... If it dont then I give

  • I've seent hose tickers..they make me laugh. I'm just far too lazy to copy-paste one into every post!!!

    I got the list from - definately no paying there! Maybe I'll take a look later..I really should get some work done before lunchtime!
  • it wasnt the tickers I was on about I will see if I can find the link to the cartoons.... x
  • the cartoons I mentioned... not as big as when I first saw the, but still good hehehehe x
  • Apparently there is some medical eveidence that depending on the heart rate of the baby determnes the sex so the next time mw checks for babys hr ask her what it is. Cant remember though if its over 140 is a boy or a girl!!!! There are websites that tell you thu - worth a bash. Afraid I paid for a gender scan as coulndt stand the suspense.
  • I have one of each and this pregnancy is totally different to both so was very took until my 4D scan at 30 weeks to actually get a definite yes for a girl! I am all out front with my bump, had terrible nausea and hideous apparently a daughter will steal her mothers looks so that is why I look so awful!!! Also I am sure on a girl the linea nigra line you get only goes up to your belly button if it is a girl, but with a boy goes up over the belly the heartbeat the faster the heartbeat then it is supposed to be a girl...cos let's face it boys are just damn lazy even before they are born!!!
  • callyb lol at your bit about heart
    well my friend came round other day and said I was all out front, my face is spotty and hair is greesy and falling out, just like when I had m daughter, but like I have mentioned before, other parts of my body (like nipples) are the same as when I had a boy... omg so looks like i will have to wait until 19th November to find out.. as for midwife, not worth me having one she is so bloody hopeless... looking into going private might get some support then!
  • well I always thought it was a faster heartbeat for a girl! My boy's heartbeat is around 140-150bpm ..but never having had a girl I dunno!!

    My skin was bad (but improving) before pregnancy and its got an awful lot better during pregnancy and my hair is fine -so maybe thats down to baby boy!! Hope its just my skin improving as I've had bad skin since coming off the pill a few years back and I'm sick of the spots!

    Oh a few of those cartoons..they are great image
  • Thought you might like them :\)
  • Hi Lilac_aura... yes please let us know what you end up having... I assume you didnt ask at your 20 week scan?

    I have done a couple fo free predictions cinese stuff and non chinese stuff and they all vary aswell

    MAybe I am having twins and one was hiding at my 13 week scan, but surely I would have been bigger than what I am now, although I have already gone from size 18/20 to a size 24 and nearly out of them and only 17+5, well I dont have long to find out only a few more weeks til 19th

    Good Luck x
  • Well had my MW appointment yesterday and babys hR was 129 - 140.. does that mean boy??? lol

    My jaw did drop to the floor though as at the end of the appointment she looked at me and said right government guidlines say as you have had more than 1 baby you should no what you are doing so see you in 10 weeks!!!! omg my jaw dropped to the floor... yes it is my third, but my last pregnancy was 6 years ago... so I just turned round to her and said well guess I will see u next year then!!! she was a bit gobsmacked at that...
  • Omg... thats ridiculous!! 10 weeks!! I thought it was bad enough having 8 weeks between appointments at 12 and 20 weeks!!! Its not knowing what you are doing its getting yourself checked out!!

    My baby is a boy and his heartrate is between 140-155 so I dunno if that means yours is too! lol
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