Mothers instinct

Heya, was just wondering what everyone thought they were having and what lo turned out to be

I am convinced I am having a girl, will find out in 6 weeks at scan xxxx



  • hi there,i really thought i was having a boy this time as i'm carrying completely different than i did with my daughter but im not,its another little girl!just goes to show u can carry different each time! x
  • i had a feeling i'd be having a girl but i think after 2 boys it was more hope than anything else. 2 scans have said girl so heres hoping they arent wrong lol
  • I was convinced I was having a girl but I've had 2 scans now & it's definitely a boy. I think it was wishful thinking as I kind of wanted a girl - really happy it's a boy though xxx

  • I was 100% convinced I was having a girl! Everything about this pregnancy screamed - girl at me! Different to last 2 "boy" pregnancies + all the Old wives tales tests I did! I called my bump Tink and she all the time, chose a girls name then at the scan HE showed his meat and 2 veg!!!

    My mothers instinct was soooooo far out lol
  • hehe, so everyone is different and 3/4 were wrong. im prob gonna be having a boy now and all these girls names I've chosen are gonna be wasted hehe xxxx

  • hi
    i was convinced before the scan i was having a girl n both scans confirmed it (mainly due to having severe morning sickness, which i never had before). Yep its a girl, and i cant wait, i have a little boy whos 4, so finally i got to buy all the pretty pink frilly things lol xxx
    tracey 31+1
  • I was convinced last time that I was having a girl, and I was right. This time I was totaly certain it was a boy and I was right again. Maybe I am psychic lol.
  • When I was expecting my first daughter I really wanted a girl & was pretty sure that's what I was having. It was quite strange because I even predicted her dark hair & eyes correctly! This time I was sure it was a boy (& so were a lot of family & friends) but she's another girl. After getting over the shock of being told at the scan she's a girl we've chosen a name & I've bought loads of pink clothes. And my daughter's delighted - she wanted a little sister!
  • Im gona have to wait until July to find out if my predictions are right. Im convinced im having another boy (because im carrying the same), however my OH thinks a lil girl coz he said this time round iv bin a total b**ch, lol. At first i thought girl as well coz i suffered with morning sickness which i didnt do last time, but i guess only time will tell. We decided not to find out this time round as we thought the suprise might be nice on the day. Kerry xxx

  • i thought it was a girl from the start! but everyone kept tellin me its a boy cos i have had no symptoms at all! but i was right and its a little girl!! ( which is great for me cos i love pink and girly things yey!!) xxx
  • I thought it was a boy as I had no sickness, fuzzy tummy and all forward bump... Wives Tales! We were told at the scan last week it's a girl image

    Really glad to know is advance as I was quite shocked when the sonographer said! xx
  • Hehe, I'm gonna be wrong and I'm gonna end up having a boy after all this lol. All my friends will be so gutted, they all have boys and are desperate for me to have a girl to marry one of them........ lol (not even born yet and being married off hehe - not that I'm one of those pushy mothers or anything lol)


  • Last time, I just knew I was having a boy... The 20 week scan confirmed it... This time, i'm also sure its a boy, but have a long wait as only just found out i'm expecting again!!!

    I sometimes think a womans intuition can't be wrong!!!
  • lol zoey, glad im not the only one whose lo has been paired off already hehe have been informed that when she grows up (if she's a she of course) she will be moving to utah and becoming a morman with her future hubbys lol xxxxx

  • I reckon im having a boy, dont know why as symptoms say girl but just got a feeling its a boy. This is my first so cant compare it to other pregnancies. I will find out six weeks tomorrow hopefully
  • I have a feeling this time I'm having a girl- not sure why... I'll let you know on the 21st May if I'm right!!
  • im convinced im having another boy although im not to bothered either way would be lovely to have a boy as it would be a little mate for my boy and lovely to have a girl as ive not got one yet lol, hopefully will find out at my 20wk scan

    emma xx
  • I'm not pregnant but wanted to share my experiences. With my first, I was sure, 100 percent it would be a girl - and it was! Second time round my shape was really different so I felt strongly it was a boy, and it was.. Both pregnancies were very different.
  • Well, with my 1st 2 we had names all picked out b4 1st scan let alone 2nd one and we were right - both were girls! Wasn't totally convinced of babes 3 & 4 at the time but looking back, the clues were there....had no nausea but did with 1st 2, had more troubles during pregnancy plus cudn't think of any names what-so-ever, girl or boy!! This time round, I feel I'm having another girl - have had nausea this time and even thou I'm only just gone 8 weeks.....we have a name all picked out already hehehehehe (just hope I'm right image) lol
  • i dint really have any idea what i was going to have, but my mum who told me both times that i was pregnant before i even know told me i'd have a boy then a girl. i've got a 20 month old son and im 26+3 with a little girl. so i suppose that was mothers instinct just not mine lol
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