TENS machines

Are they all the same? I mean, are some stronger than others? There is so much price variation I don't know what to get, or whether to buy or hire.

30 weeks today!!


  • I was told to make sure I got one specifically for maternity use. They have much bigger pads to stick on your back and also a boost button which you can control during contractions.

    They are the most expensive sort so it's really up to you which way you jump. I've had problems with my back since a car accident a few years back so we've bought one that I can use afterwards.

    hope that helps


    oh and I was told by mw not to use it before 37 weeks, but check with yours as she may say differently
  • If anyone is planning on hiring one where are they planning to hire it from? Has anyone hired one and had a bad experience from the company?
  • HI Ladies
    I hired mine from Boots cos a) Boots is close to me and b) cos I could get points (even managed to get it on a triple points week-end LOL!)
    I got on really well with my TENs in the first stage but then took it off to get in a bath (which was pants) and then couldn't get into the TENs again.
    Good luck to you all
  • Tesco's are doing them on a hire period i think the price was ??27.00 for a 4 week period if you need to extend you can free of charge. But you do need to be a tesco club card member, You need to order them at the pharmcy counter.
  • i've been recommended to go to www.tens.co.uk to hire/buy.
    They seem to be good for hiring - ??25.99 for 7 weeks with no late charges, rather than boots which i think were ??29.99 for 4 weeks.

    Not sure whether to hire or buy at the moment - hiring is cheaper but buying means I'd have one for the next baby (if there is a next baby!)
  • Hi,

    I have hired a TENS from my local sure start for ??10.00 deposit and u get ??5.00 back when u return it within a month. You can extend if need be too!
  • I got an elletens from www.tens.co.uk ??25 for 7 week hire. Really excellent investment, used mine for about 12 hours of my labour, the boost button was v useful!
  • I bought the Elletens one for about 70 quid from Boots (I got bonus points) It has worked out good value because I used it all through my labour, my sister in law used it (you can buy spare sets of pads) and I plan on using it again this time round.
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