Good point of having a boy...

Hiya I thought it would be great to have too lists going one for boys and one for girls of all the nice reasons why its best or why you are pleased to be having that sex...

As Zoey has spoken about recently she has been a bit disapointed because she is not having what she thought but i'm sure she is not the only one to feel that way...

thought it would be really nice to have the lists going so pregnant hormonal disapointment girlies could read (i'm included in that was sure was having a little girl but having a boy) and think oh yeah thats a lovely reason to be having that sex child! :lol: image :lol:

Good reason to have a boy is most Dad's feel a massive sence of acheivement lol that there first child is a boy.. :lol:

It's nice to have a boy first if you like traditional families and want the boy to look after the younger ones (althought ill be bring my girls if i have any up as idpendant little beings) but its a nice idea.

please feel free to add away girls x image image


  • carrying aboy increases the testorone level in a pregnant womens body increasing her sex drive and helping her become a little more relaxing as a person apparently. Im not saying having a girl isnt good i wan everyone to nderstand that im just giving the possibile possitives of the having a boy ok?
  • Increased sex drive? I wish that happened to me. I am having a boy and my sex drive has gone on holiday since day 1. And now at 32+3 I don't think it will be back for a while!

    A good point of having a boy is they are never going to come home from school and say 'I'm pregnant'!!!
  • My 20 week scan is in 2 weeks time, I know OH is keen on a boy and somehow that's put me under pressure cause i feel if it's not a boy is he going to love her the same, is he going to bond with my bump is he going to take interest in the pregnancy?
    But then i lok back at how hard it's been to conceive this child and how the pregnancy hasn't been all that great (morning sickness). this is going to be my only child and i know 3 family members who have never been able to conceive a child, and then i know a child is a blessing whether it is a boy or a girl, I will embrace them and love them and teach them all i can and more....and whose to say i can't drees my little girl in a footy kit, people can double take and stare as much as they want!!
    Whose to say i can't dress my little boy in pink (within moderation) , after all my husband has got quite a few pink or salmon shirts himself.
    I feel there are no real pros or cons to having a boy or a girl, but there are a lot of pros to having a healthy child!!

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  • Im with you Tiger Lily lol. Im having a boy and i cant remember the last time i had sex ! God i feel sorry for my oh ! image
  • Have to say, if I could wave a wand, it'd be for a boy. Mainly because they're more laidback and less loopy in my family than the girls are!! image

    OH would conjure a girl with his magic wand, as they usually have boy babies in his family.

    Either way we'll be happy! image
  • My OH works for Arsenal football club and has two session tickets and he's a real lad's lad so I think he will find it easier to bond with a boy and not have to deal with periods and so many tears!
  • That he can be A Mummy's boy and i'll have two fellas to love in my life!
  • I am having a boy (my oh first) after having 2 girls in my first marriage, they are now 16 1/2 and nearly 20!! I am so excited but it will feel weird.
    Girls are much worse in their teens I think - 14-17 was awful!!
    Have to say both my girls played football though, so had 2 sets of football boots in the house. Wee one used to go from football practice to ballet classes on the same day!
    They are all different and will be/do what they want to do.
    Tiger Lily - I'm also with you - can't remember the last time I had sex! Poor OH, my SPD would just make it too bloody painful, even if I felt like it!!
  • my lil boy joshua is 9 months and i throw him all over the place, you can be rougher with boys! he is such a smiley contented happy baby who gives his mummy the biggest smiles every morning! oh and you can dress them like minature versions of their dads and they look well cute. Hope this helps if any of you are dissapointed with having a boy...i was at first but wouldnt change joshua for all the chocolate in willy wonkas chocolate factory xxx
  • lol im having a boy which is what i wanted but oh wanted a girl! he was scared of a boy as he now realises he will have to do the birds and the bees talk!!

    boys are best - what else gives you complete satisfaction by wee-ing all over you when you change them bums !!!

    (girls are great to id just always wanted a little boy !)
  • Hi girls just to clirify this is not about making one sex out to be better than the other! just about pointing out particular possitives to help mum's who where expecting the oppisiste sex and got a bit of a shock just to help them have possitive thoughts and help with bonding when thinking about all the good points of having what they werent expecting!

    of course a healthy child is a blessing as in any child! were not saying one is better than the other... image all children are beautiful regardless! xxx

  • sorry if that came across as if i was making one out to be better than the other it was supposed to be a light hearted joke about them wee-ing on you

    sorry to cause affenceimageops:
  • my mum had us 3 girls and 1 boy ( although he is a real 'mummies' boy!!) she said we r really bad as teenagers!! ( my dad wasn't very good with us when we got to this stage- although was fine with my brother!) my sister use to bring her bf's home and then get them chucked out again! and she use to have awful moods and tantrums! my younger sister is now 13 and started her periods a year ago. Apparently they 'don't exist as far as shes concerned! and she won't talk about it to my mum at all and if my mum says i know its coming up to the day ur due so there r some pads for u in the bathroom or whatever she says my sister just says ' can we not talk about it' shes very embarrassed about it. obviously not all girls r like that as i was fine with mine. my brother was by far the easiest he is VERY laid back and never had any problems with him the only thing is hes not got much common sense haha. when me and my sister were 7 and 8 he was 3 we dressed him up as a girl! put him in a dress and put a huge hat on him and took a picture! when we got older we use to show it to all his friends when they came round haha. i love the idea of having a boy first cos it is nice that they can look after the younger ones. this however is not the reason that i wished my brother was older than me! i wanted an older brother so that he would bring his good looking friends home from school!! xx
  • Am expecting my 3rd boy - others are nearly 15 and 6 1/2, really thought I was having a girl this time!

    I love my boys too pieces and wouldnt swap them but this time the only good thing I can think good is "Thank god Im not having a mini-me!" Get myself in a right state over my teenage son and what he gets up to, god only knows what hell I would go through with a girl (esp if she was a bitch like I was lol)
  • Am expecting my 3rd boy - others are nearly 15 and 6 1/2, really thought I was having a girl this time!

    I love my boys too pieces and wouldnt swap them but this time the only good thing I can think good is "Thank god Im not having a mini-me!" Get myself in a right state over my teenage son and what he gets up to, god only knows what hell I would go through with a girl (esp if she was a bitch like I was lol)
  • I find the little boys in my class are very protective of me and can be really concerned if it's not me in class teaching them! They also like to hold my hand when we go to assembly and weirdly, they argue over who is going to carry my handbag to assembly! It's really sweet.
  • i am having a boy and am really exited cause my daughter is all daddy and iv been told boys are more for there mummys. lol

  • no babe (jemaoxox) no offence taken by me just in the good points for girls i think it was taken as i was trying to make one sound better than the other and just put in both forums thats no what my aim was! xx

    love thay they are arguing over who carries your hand bag lol x
  • We're having a boy and I'm delighted. But would have been delighted with a girl too!

    Last week it was my nephew's 3rd birthday (my husband's brother's son) and we went round to give him his present. When we got there he was showing everyone the golf clubs he got from his parents - proper mini golf clubs in a proper mini golf bag. He was so proud of them because his daddy plays golf and now he has his own set of clubs, just like daddy. My husband is also a golfer (a lot of it about on his side of the family!) and I got to imagine the day our son gets his first set of clubs and how proud my husband will be. It was just a really emotional thing to see. And it will get them out of the house and leave me in piece for a while!

    I would love to have a little girl I could dress up in pretty pink "hello kitty" t-shirts but I get to dress my wee boy in cute preppy shirts and tank tops - can't wait!
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