strangest dream yet........

i know that during pg u have strange dreams but last night i had a freaky dream.......

its not baby related either!!!!!!!!!!

me and oh were at some sort of awards show a bit like the brits we managed to get right by the stage where the microphone was and i was really excited about it, robbie williams was there and he sang a strange song some thing about f**k you???? but i really enjoyed it and was singing it back to him and he proper looked at me!!!!!

then another celeb came on (dont know who) and started talking about the award he was giving out then jeremy beadle who was on a water ski came came sliding on to the stage to collect his award and turned out he had water ski all the way across an ocean and had been chased by sharks and all sorts!!!!

what a strange dream!!!

what does it all mean???? or am i just finally losing it!!!!


  • Your not the only one dreaming of celebs. I dreamt about going round Paul McCartney's place. With Heather still living there. And they had huge dogs in the house. Now tell me what that is supposed to mean?????

    LOL....Gotta laugh though. They do get very strange
  • Funny!!!
    Was Robbie in the news yesterday coz I dreamt about him last night, me, Robbie, a castle and no oh in site - say no more lol!!!!
  • Hey guys

    i was watching Jamie Oliver at home last nite and i woke up this morning with a wierd or funny dream, Jamie was cooking nettles with flowers yesterday which i thought its looks really nice and the dream was i cooked some nettles with flowers to start myself off in labour and i said to my oh this morning and he said to me does it work then in real life and i said i wouldnt thinks so!!!

    How wierd is that??????????

    Carly 39+5 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I think you've lost it :P But don't worry because i have too! Its all good fun so enjoy it!!

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