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Hi everyone I just thought I would put this little post up. There is a site called where you join a group in your local area. I have been on this site for a few months now and its fantastic.

The idea of the site is to keep good quality items out of land fill this being better for the environment. I know having a baby is a VERY expensive experience and unfortunatly not everyone can afford to get everything they need.

I personally have got almost everything i need from this site. The idea is if you need something you put a post on saying wanted and if some has it then they offer it to you. ALL ITEMS ARE FREE OF CHARGE.
Also if someone has something that you want rid off but feel it would be a waste just to throw it out then you offer it and if someone wants it then they ask you for it.
I managed to get a whole travel system in immaculate condition saving me ??100's. Also had loads of baby clothes etc some are brand new.
you can get everything from settees to cars to computer to clothes. It really is fantastic and a great way of saving the environment. It is such a good idea and not only saves you money but also saving the environment. Happy freecycling everyone. Hope some of you take advatage of it.


  • Hi all just curious as to if anone is going to try this?
  • HI Aideen, I am already a member and agree that it is a fab site. We have been given a bouncy chair (used twice) and some clothes so far, plus a bottle warmer. In the end my sister gave me her bouncy chair so we have passed the one we got from freecycle onto my cork mate who is expecting two weeks after me. Tammi xxx

  • how does it work? been on the website and it looks confusing (or that could be my pregnancy brain, only got 2 cells left now!!)

  • You just basically registar your e-mail address - must be with yahoo and then you can either put a post of asking for items or browse through what people are offering and e-mai them to ask if its still availble. Everything is free and on a first come first served basis! Tammi xxx

  • I use this all the time and it's brilliant. I've only really used it for getting rid of stuff rather than gaining things, and as we have a porch I just tend to leave items in it for people to come and take away - that way I don't even have to talk to anyone! Not that anyone I've come across through the site has been anything less than polite and friendly.

    Amongst other things, I've got rid of: a radiator, a big plank of wood, old chipped crockery, a display cabinet, a bag of random computer wires, lamp shades, a bag of radiator valves, a TV, and best of all, the manky pink carpet that was in our lounge before we re-decorated.

    yummy_mummy - you just join up to the area that's local to you by getting a Yahoo username and password, then you post up the items you want to offer on a chat board (a bit like this one). People who are interested contact you via email; or if you're interested in something someone else is getting rid of you email them.

    I was dubious at first as it sounded too good to be true but it really is easy and useful.
  • Hi pink, I too was dubious to start with coz it def sounded too good to be true. We too have got rid of loads of stuff, things that where absolutly no use to us anymore and taking up far too much space and some fab stuff in return. Everyone we have met through the site have been fab and mostly really gracious apart from one man who we gave our 3 piece to. He didnt even have the manners to say thank you and that was after OH had carried its down 2 flights of stairs single handed for him.
    Also it doesnt have to be first come first served you can choose who you give the item too. I know with our local group in pembrokeshire they are using a fair offer policy at the minute which encourages people to wait an amount of time to recieve emails for certain items and they decided who the think would be most deserving.
  • I'm just signing up now, sounds great!
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