miserable! please help girls!

hello everyone! 1 month to go today and im feeling so miserable. i totally shattered, my lower stomache muscles ache, i have a wee infection 4 th one since i became preggers, ive got major pressure running all up my back, i cant get comfortable and even walking is a major effort and i just want it all to be done now! had to go to hospital the other night at 1 am as i thought it was time coz i had period type cramps. apparently they were contractions just not the right ones,,,,is anyone else feeling as rotten? or can anyone instill some happines into me and spur me on? sorry to rant but i dont have much female company and although my dad and oh are fab they dont really understand.xxxxxx:cry:


  • no no! its fine! it sound horrible but its great to know im not alone. this is my first so i dont have a another lo to look after which im quite glad about right now. also bloody heart burn 5 times a day is doing my head in! i dont think it will be long now til its time i can just feel it. i seem to have forgotten what its like to have a normal body that funtions properly and begining to wonder if i wil ever feel normal again!!! what a fine pair we are!!! whats ur edd?
  • im due on 27th dec, hope he is early as dont know how much more i can take, plus it would be nice to be all done and dusted for xmas but who knows!!!!! take care xxx
  • poor girls. Ive felt really fed up at times aswell, only have 2wks left now but really want it over with! Its horrible when you cant sleep or sit or lay down or do anything to get comfortable! Hope you feel better soon hun x x
  • I feel really disgusting - if it's not heartburn, it's sickness, if it's not that then I'm just exhausted - every little thing I do e.g. pairing up socks, hanging up washing etc. seems to drain me! I spent the whole day in bed yesterday and today I've only just risen from it!! I feel so useless and lazy! I am 37+3 - due 16th Dec - please baby - come early!!!!

  • I feel exactly the same and im not due till the 3rd feb (30+4).i think my baby will be early though. Im very hormonal and snap at every body in sight. No one here understands .
  • I haven't had the easiest of pregnancies but certainly know it hasn't been the most horrific - how on earth do people go on to have more??? They say that your brain and body forgets!!!
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