Hello girlies, I have suffered from high bloody pressure from about the age of 12 due to both my parents having it and was never treated for it as It was never a huge problem. It was high for someone of my age but no for me as it was always like it. Anyway now I am pregnant it is a problem. They have today put me on medication for it but the pharmasist seemed a little cautious of giving it to me and asked if I was getting checked weekly, midwife didn't say that i had to so i said no. He said that the baby and I should be checked on a weekly basis. The doctor prescribed Labetalol - has anyone else been given medication at all? I am really worried about it. Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

16 weeks


  • dont have this yself but from what i've read if needed in pregnancy then benefits must outweigh the risks of high bp.
    it should be avoided in 1st trimester however. Was it a consultant who precribed this because if it was i would be reassured.
    Filo x
  • dont have this yself but from what i've read if needed in pregnancy then benefits must outweigh the risks of high bp.
    it should be avoided in 1st trimester however. Was it a consultant who precribed this because if it was i would be reassured.
    Filo x
  • The doctor prescribed them but the good thing is that I am seeing the consultant on Friday so I will double check with him then that they are ok to take. They have given me a very low dosage and only 56 tablets to take (2 a day). I read that it is mainly given during labour and late term pregnancy. Thanks for replying hun x
  • hi i havent had this either but just wanted to say that chemists and pharmacists have a habit of making you panic about taking certain drugs, as they did with my meds, but my consulatant prescribed them so he knows better than them, i agree with what filobabe said too x
  • hi, i had pre eclampsia when i was pregnant with my lo my consultant said next time i would be prescribed blood pressure tablets, so if the docs prescribed them i would say it is important to have them!
  • Gatecrashing from ttc again! I was on labetalol from 29 weeks with lo. Unfortunately my bp led onto pre eclampsia but it isn't like that for everyone. Hope the consultant can reassure you.
  • i had preeclampsia twice u must make sure u take them they wudnt give thm to u if u didnt need them i was 6 labetalol a day till i had my boy 10 weeks early just try and take it easy cos high blood pressure cud b a sighn of preeclampsia in later preg thow i started playing up with it at 20 weeks with my youngest and my dose just kept going up and up i rattles frm the amount of drugs i was takeing lol take care hun xxx
  • Hello.
    I have suffered high bp for what feels like forever but for me pg seems to make my bp drop to a safer level. Its not great but is better then normal and I'm monitored closely during pg's. I was offered tablets for this pg but I said I wanted to wait to see what happend further on and all seems to be doing fine. I average 130/88 and when not pg I average 150/100 when not on tablets. The tablets I usually take can not be taken during pg as they are harmful to baby. I used to take Lisinipril 5mg once a day.

    Try not to worry to much about it or you will make your bp higher.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X

    For all those who don't know Doctors go by 120/80 being a perfect bp for all those under 65 with 10 either side being the norm (so 110/70 or 130/90) But during pg they don't like the bottom/smaller number going over 90.
  • Aww thank you so much girls! Thats made me feel so much better! Mine is 150/100 and has always been this. I lost 4 stone and it still never went down a single notch! Pumpkinpatch your so lucky that yours drops! Just looking foward to seeing the consultant now. Thanks again girlies, any help is always much appreciated x x
  • Hi Tracey, Dont worry too much honey, you dont want your BP going up any more! Give your MW a call and tell her what the chemist said about being checked weekly, she might then arrange for this, or at least explain why she thinks its not necessary, which should put your mind at rest xx
  • Lynz_81 - hello love, have to have blood pressure taken twice a week! Going tonight and then monday!
  • hey, just wanted to let you know that I developed pre-eclampsia and sky high blood pressure in labour and the blood pressure stayed high after my boy was born. I was eventually put on labetalol, and I was breastfeeding at the time.

    I was told that the medications say not suitable during pregnancy/breastfeeding because they don't conduct clinical trials on pregnant/breast feeding women but that labetalol was the drug most commonly given as it had proven success rates without problems.

    Definately talk to doctor/consultant if you are concerned about taking the meds though as they will be able to reassure you. I think I took mine for about 6-8 weeks gradually weaning off them until my blood pressure stabalised and I had no problems or side effects and my blood pressure has stayed normal.

    Hope your blood pressure stabalises soon. Definately good that you are getting twice weekly checks just to be on the safe side. I had to go once a week for c hecks but if I have another baby I'm sure I'll be on regular monitoring again just in case!

    Hope that helps
  • Unfortunately mine will never be normal, they discovered I had it at about 12! they have never given me medication for it as i have been monitored well, once for 24 hours and it turned out that i just have high blood pressure, it never fluctuated so was never really a problem, but now I'm pregnant it is a problem. I've looking into the drug they have prescribed and its what they give pregnant women and also during labour as it is the only one known to be safe.
    I am at the doctors again tonight for monitoring as Labetalol is used as it lowers the blood pressure extremely fast and they want to see if it is having any affect. I am seeing the consultant tomorrow so will go into depth with him I hope. He is apparently fantastic at he's job so everyone keeps telling me so I do hope he helps. Marc is a real worrier and I can see him getting into panic lol
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