why does ?

hi ladies

why does the baby move lots and lots somedays and you have nothing the next (do they like worring us ? lol)

im 21 +3 weeks anybody else get this ?:\)


  • ive been getting this too, babes tends to wriggle loads if i have coffee so somedays i make meself have a mug just to feel some movements lol

    im 19wks
  • I know, its really worrying when you dont feel them as much some days isnt it

    I was always told that the way the baby is lying can affect how much movement you feel as can the position of the placenta coz it can sometimes act as a cushion between the baby & you

    Hilary x
  • hi girls.. well im 17 weeks with number 3.. and been told and read that i should start to feel baby earlier as its my 3rd, at about 15 weeks! No chance for me, i only just felt the very slightest twinge last night, so im so desparate for the feelings to come properly, but when they do i will always be making sure i feel it every day.. good news for you girls feeling it early.. aparantly it is all to do with size, position and placenta..
    caz xx


  • My baby is like that- some days the movements are constant and others hardly at all. If I want a bit of reassurance on one of my babys lazy days I just give my bump a bit of a prod or a hot water bottle held against the bump can work wonders!!! Thats precisely wot I'm doing now and the wee rascal is kicking me to bits!!
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