Does anyone know about

the green bits on potatoes, crisps and turnips..................................
When i was pg with my first lo 5 yrs i ago i was told not to eat crisps or potatoes that were green or slightly green as it could poisen the baby. Has any one else heard of this as i have avoided these every time ive been pregnant and im on my third.
vikki xx


  • Never heard this before. I thought the green/black bit were when the potato gets knocked or bruised. But just cut the bits out just to make sure. I don't think they'll do any harm if you ate them and its a crisp or well cooked though.
  • Yes, i have heard this before. You are not meant to eat potatoes that are green even if your not pregnant. If they are only slightly green, just cut the offending bit off. Better safe than sorry.;\)
  • I am sure they won't do you any harm but why would you want to eat green potatoes anyway? xx
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