Hi every one, just wondering does any body know any thing about chicken pox while being pregnant?? i have heard that if you have had it your self that u are safe. my nephew has just come out in them and i have contact with him on a daily basis, been cuddling him, and getting very close. am i safe??


  • thank you very much feel lots better. im certain i had it too got scars on my face to prove it lol
  • I work in a school and the year 1s have been taking it over the last lot of weeks, i was told to stay away from them until i was 20 weeks, so i did that but then i had z to my midwife that id been in contact with them again, but i was 26 weeks so i thought i was fine but she made me go and have blood taken to c if i was ok, even though id had them before. But my midwife z it was a personal choice as to whether to stay away from them or not. xx
  • I had completely the opposite advice - my obstetrician told me to stay away from chicken pox completely even if I had had it before - not only can you get it again, but your baby can be at risk. I'm sure its a small risk, but one that I didn't want to take the chance of.
    Is there anyway you could stay away from your nephew just until the pox has subsided?
  • Yeah, i think ur alrite if uv had it before. My son got sent home from nursary with suspected chicken pox a couple of wks ago, i tuk him to the dr's to get checked out (coz i was sure it wasn't) and the dr told me id be fine as long as id had them. It turned out my son didnt have them anyway (which i kinda knew), but the dr said to only be cautious if ur just about to give birth (coz the baby cud pick up the infection) or if ur in the early stages of pregnancy. I was neither of these (31wks) so had nothing to worry about anyway. Kerry xxx

  • well i have actually rang my docs now, and they said that i should be fine as long as i have had them my self!!
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