More about feeling little one...

After reading the post on 'feeling for the first time', I too have just started feeling the butterfly/bubbles popping sensation.
The thing is, I have a very large bump for my date (or so people keep telling me) and until yesterday hadfelt nothing (wasn't expecting to!) and now these sensations are very low down, just above my pubic bone.
If this is the baby (and its now quite often) how come its so low down when my bump protrudes out from under my boobs like a proper bump?
Where is the baby then and if she/he is down there, what on earth is in the rest of the bump??!!!
Where else are you all feeling your first movements and how big are your bumps if you don't mind me asking?!

19+1. xx


  • dont worry about feeling movement low down. All my movement has been low down from 20wks onwards until recently. My 20 wk scanned showed my lo was lying in breech position. if the feet are low down the rest could be the head or fluid. My bumps not that big so i cant help there. Just wanted to put your mind at ease regarding the low kicks. Mine are low down or by my belly button! xxx 25+5
  • My bump is big (I'm 30+3 tho so you'd expect it lol) and measuring slightly above average for my dates. When I was around 20 weeks (didn't feel movement until 19+4) the kicks or 'pops' were quite low down but when I reached about 24 weeks they got really high up because he was head down. I still feel most movement high up but funnily enough as I was writing this I got one really low lol, must've been a little fist or something! xxx
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