I know my baby's birthday! Yippee!

Went to see my consultant today and we agreed a date of Wednesday 4th June for my section date, and hence my baby's birthday!! Got a nice ring to it I think although I did say to my dh that I would have preferred the 2nd as sounds better - he thinks I've lost the plot of course!

So baby #4 will make it's appearance on the 4th (and hopefully not before - got too much to do).

That is a mere 32 days away -eeeek - goes into frantic cleaning mode.

Good news is that our builders have nearly finished now - they will be in next week finishing off little bits, but we've largely got the house back for ourselves now. We've got to clean and move all the furniture etc now - oh joy.......

Haven't been able to get online as internet down over the last couple of days, so I hope you're all ok - please update me with anything I've missed - too lazy to go back more than one page to find out!



  • Big congratulations to u, i dnt see my consultant until the 9th so u will have had ur baby by then. Wat was ur due date how early are u been sectioned? Kerry xxx

  • Oooooh that is a nice birthday Karen - it's my birthday too! hehe! I was a c-section baby so maybe there's something about that day - lol! xxx
  • congratulations karen bet ur really chuffed rnt u.Well i had my sutures removed on thursday n although i had a bleed in theatre it all went well and i can have my natural birth!my consultant said that my cervix was open after hed removed the suture and mw said that lo is engaged so hopefully not 2 long to wait! xxx
  • That's great news! Must be lovely to know exactly when lo will be arriving, makes planning so much easier lol!
  • Hi Karen congrat on getting your section date! Wish I knew when my lo would arrive!!! Hope you and lo are both well! Tammi xxx
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  • That is brill news mate!

    I know my little boy is coming on 9th or 10th June by section and I cant wait to find out the real date!

    Good to hear about the builders too - saw your piccys on facebook! House looks nice mate - whereabouts in Harrow you from? I am originally from Watford and used to go drinking in Harrow on the way to Oscars in Greenford (those were the days lol)

    Hope the cleaning is going a lot better than my packing lol! OH has now done his back in - think its an avoidance tack tick! Defo back to the trailer on the back of the wheelchair idea lol

    Love Lee
  • Thanks ladies - I'm soooo excited!

    Haven't been able to get on all weekend as been away and manically cleaning today.

    Kerrymc - I'm having the section 2 weeks early but this is only because I've had 2 previous sections and there's more chance of the old scar bursting if they leave it longer - normally it's 39 weeks now!

    Tigerlily - I'll wish you a happy birthday now cos I definitely won't be around to say it on the day!

    Hanna - how many weeks are you now? Aren't you nervous - I wouldn't be leaving the house now the suture's out - well done for getting through it and it's brill news you can have your natural birth - let us know the minute you get any twinges!

    Lara - def want some sun when I come out of hospital, but not while I'm in - the wards are hot enough as it is without the sun blasting through the windows! How's little Chloe doing?

    Lee - I'm up the road from North Harrow tube - we are central Harrow but are kind of in the middle of North Harrow, Harrow Weald and Central! The trailer idea is going to be difficult now with your hubby in it! You're going to have to hire one of those little trains with carriages now I think! Can you imagine the neighbours faces? When you moving - must be soon?

    To all the rest of you - hope you're out enjoying the sunshine and growing those bumps well!

    I'm sitting in my new treatment room/office typing this and I've got the biggest smile on my face cos my house is NEARLY my own again!!!

    AND (will this woman ever shut up?) I've just cleaned the baby's room and washed everything down, put it's little clothes to wash etc - I was nearly in tears - how sad!

    Right enough from me!

    34+1 (and 30 days to go whoop whoop)

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