Hi All,

Hope you and bumps are all well.

Just a quick question... How many of yoou think its ok to put the cot up before the birth?

I am now 31 weeks, and we have had the cot in the house(boxed) for a few weeks. Mil says she has no room for it.

Benn nesting like crazy over the last few days, redecorating upstaires and having a huge spring clean. We are getting new carpets upstaires next week and i was thinking of putting babys cot up when the carpets been fitted.

Is it bad look to do so?

Kerry xxx


  • So many people tell me that its bad luck to even store anything bigger than a moses basket in your home before the baby's born!! I dont know whether to believe it or not!! There are so many old wives tales about arent there!! I think its a case of personal choice. x
  • hiya i think 31 weeks is a pretty good time to be putting up the cot, after all you may be early and it's best to be prepared,as far as i'm aware it's bad luck to have the pram in the house before the birth but i think as long as the cot isn't put up too early i'm sure it's fine, if the nesting instinct has kicked in i'd say that's a good way to judge it.
    not long now i bet you're getting really excited.
    good luck x x
  • yes i am. i just have a really strong feeling this little madam wont be staying in me untill 23rd july.

    everyone who sees me says she will be here sooner rather than later. i am carrying really low, and have been getting contractions since 26 weeks.

    just feel like i need everything ready by june 15th
  • We've had our cot up for weeks now. Hubby won't let us have the pram in the house but was happy to have the cot!

  • We are redecorating now and having new carpets fitted too! The one in the nursery goes down tomorrow then its the lounge and our bedrrom next week. I have left my cot at the shop until now but once the carpets are down I shall be picking it up and putting it up. I also have my pram in the house - we put it together a couple of weeks ago and I have been practising using it and the car seat with an old teddy! Hubby things I've lost the plot completely but there's no point working out the car seat restraint with a new born. I also pushed the pram round the garden when it was sunny just to make sure it was as good as I'd hoped on grass!!

    Once our carpets are down I will be nesting like crazy!! Everything is all piled up in our dining room at the moment and in boxes in our office and kitchen. I can't wait to start filling drawers and hanging and folding things!

    33+4 (45 days left to go! - eek!!)
  • Hi, I've had the cot up for a while now as I have nowhere to store it. After nearly having my son at 31 weeks last year (i'm now 31+2) I'm making sure everything is done early on and that way the cot and furniture gets put where i want it and not where the oh wants it to be.
  • We bought cot after lo was born but only cos we had no money to buy it with before. Forget the old wives tales - we put pram up in nursery before lo was born and all ok!
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