Spots of blood on breast pad?

I woke up at about 4 this morning with a wet patch underneath me so I put my bra and breast pads on. I've just checked them (been leaking a few weeks but very very on and off/small amount) and there are spots of blood over my nipple on one side! It's itchy but I can't see any cuts/nicks where I've broken the skin etc. Has anyone had this? There's hardly any blood but as there's no cut I'm a bit worried!

K 19+3 xx


  • I would see a doctor hun just incase its an infection - Im sure its nothing to be worried about though


  • Hi, I had this but it has now stopped, it was never painful or sore which is always a good sign. I went to the Drs about it as it isn't normal to have blood leaking from your nipples during pregnancy and I was referred to see the breast specialist. I underwent a few tests including an ultrasound of my breasts and a sample of my breast milk/blood was sent to the lab for analysis. Everything was done with the 2 hrs or so that I was there and I had the results before I left which is great!! All was fine and they put it down to hormonal changes but they have arranged for a follow up appt and re-scan of my breasts for July, by which time I will have had my baby and things should have settled.

    I was also concerned like you are, but its more likely than not nothing to worry about, but definately go to your GP about it just to be sure.

    All the best, let us know how you get on.

    Becky x

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