Anyone thinking of getting icandy apple & cherry?

Just a quick note to say I know someone who can get these brand new....

Prices are

Apple with cot - ??300
Cherry with cot ??200

It's a lady who got me my icandy Pear brand new. She lives in London so you can either collect or she will courier. Email me if you want anymore info!


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  • can she get the doubles too?
  • Hi Snowangel,

    I am new to this site but really interested in an Icandy Apple. How can I get the contact details?


    Just realised I can email you by clicking on the email button under your post....doh!!

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  • Do you know if the apple fits in a KA boot?


    is the ??300 with car seat adapter or is that and carseat and foot muff extra?

    Thanks loads
  • I'm after a Pear! Is she able to get hold of those? xx
  • Lol typical i got the apple, i love it, but the car seat and foot muff and everything we paid separatly for them, but they are a great choice and so adaptable. But how much can she get the spare third wheel for ?? xx
  • Yeah she got me a pear for ??350.00 brand new.

    jessica - I've replied to your email.

    Rhys+bump and Loz Monster - not sure about extras, you would have to email her. I know she can get the icandy pear footmuff's for ??25.00 each so she probably can. Email me for her details cos don't wanna put her email up on here.

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