Hiya ladies

Has anyone who is nearly due had there sickness back Im 37 + 1 and for a week now have had my sickness back with a vengence been to see my consultant and she gave me some tablets as she said it shouldnt be back really but they made it twice as bad so Ive stopped taking them wish it was a signs lo is coming anyone had it just b4 they went into labour please anyone

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  • Just me then x
  • sorry i am only 30 weeks but my friend have a little girl 2 weeks ago and sickness came back to her she went on time and not early but she has had this with both her little girls and didnt have it with her boy. Do you know what sex you are having??
  • Thanks for replying yes a girl had sickness at the start both time got a girl already but only got sickness this time at the end if only it was a sign nevermind x x
  • you never know maybe with you it is a sign. Fingers crossed for you
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