I feel so guilty - am i being stupid?

For a week now i have been having really bad sickness, i cant keep any food down but i can keep fluids down. I have had a week off work self cert and i am going to the doctors this afternoon and i am going to ask if he will sign me off. I am only 8 weeks so this could go on for some time. I feel really guilty about having so much time off work esp when i had 2 weeks off when i had a mc in January. I know none of this is my fault but i feel like i should just be getting on with it but its so hard when im not eating.


  • I don't think your being silly at all, you need to look out for your own & your LO's welfare & if that means not being in work then that's what you have to do.
    Take care,
    Lauren (37+1) xx
  • Hey sweety. Sorry to hear about January.

    You must remember your only 8 weeks. You will be tired and feel so damn sick!!! I thought I was going to die in the first 12 weeks. I was also signed off. But I garuntee that it wil get better. My second trimester was the best time of my life. I have lost alot of weight though cause of the first three months due to vomitting and no appetite at all. And even water made me vomit!

    I am now in my third trimester and still loving it. Though getting really hard to walk around and carry this load. But I will give it another 4 weeks before maternity leave.

    Hope you feel better soon and hope everything goes well at the docs later!!!

    Good luck
  • I only have 3 weeks left and i feel like i want to be signed off for that time - I just dont feel able for work! what can you do! xx
  • I ended up having 6 weeks off over the summer with horrendous nausea and vomiting that was 24 hour. I was really tired because I was awake a lot in the night and had no concentration. I kept wanting to return to work but the GP kept pointing out that if I was unfit to work there was nothing I could do about it.

    I eventually went back at 13 weeks and in reality that was probably a bit early. Don't feel guilty - if you are sick you are sick. Pregnancy related sickness is not counted towards your sick record - I didn;t know this initially but is to prevent discrimination against those unfortunate ones who pregnancy can make quite ill.

    Think of you and little one and stay off as long as you need.
  • Hey don't worry, it is best to take time off if ur sick. I was so sick in first trimester (though thankfully it was gone by 10 weeks!) and I made myself go into uni & had to run out of the class to throw up once...god it must have been hilarious I was running out gagging and only just got to the loo in time! You dont want that to happen to you, lol, so its better to have time off. Don't feel guilty xxxxxx
  • Thanks everyone

    PNEBairn thanks for letting me know that. Most people think im off with a really bad stomach bug but i will make sure they dont add it to my sick record. Im sure they will click on soon cos stomach bugs dont usually last that long!!
  • I was the same a fortnight ago. I had the week off as was constantly sick. I couldn't keep anything down, even water and just felt awful and extremely tired. Feeling a little better although still have the sicky feeling. Hope your feeeling better soon.
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