Colposcopy tomorrow

Hi, i was just wondering if anyone else has gone through this? i had a colposcopy the day after i found out i was pregnant and it revealed a leison on my cervix, there is a high number of women in my family who have had gyny problems and my mums sister had to have a full hysterectomy, lost a kidney and part of her liver due to a cancerous tumour all this at the age of 30 *the same age i am now* unfortunately they coulnt save her ovaries so she is childless. anyway.. the results of the colposcopy showed that the cells had advanced to cin3 *the worse it can get b4 turning into cancer* from cin 2 in just 3months. i wouldnt let them burn it off as i would of miscarried and would have to wait a long time b4 trying again. im due for another colposcopy tomorrow my last was in dec im 21 weeks pg and im soo soo scared. i get up early to cry and go to bed late so noone can see me. i cant talk to my family cos i dont want them to be scared, OH just thinks im really brave by "forgetting" all about it for the past 3/4 months. when i look at my daughter 10, i feel really selfish for not ending this pregnancy by having laser treatment straight off. anyway sorry its such a long post just wanted to hear a success story or two. Ruth xx


  • hi ruth
    i was due to have the laser treatment to remove cin2 cells the day i found out i was pregnant. the gynacologist ran a pg test as routine, and told me that she couldnt do the treatment because of the fact that i would miscarry. they told me all of my options, such as have the pg terminated which everyone thought was the best idea, but i stuck to my guns and said i wanted to go thru with it. i`m now waiting til 3 months after lo is born to have the treatment.
    i do not think you are selfish at all, i think you are being extremely brave to put your baby first, and also remember that the drs know that you have the cells. they are obviously doing their best to keep an eye on things for you, and if in the worst case the cells do develope further they can offer you alternative treatments while it is still early.
    my dr explained to me that things like the pill i was on and the pg hormones will effect the growth rate of the cells too so while it might seem like they are developing fast now, once you have had the baby they might slow down quite alot.
    i hope you feel better soon sweetie and i wish i could say more to make you feel better. xx
  • hi artygal just wanted to say my heart goes out to you for tomorrow think you have done the right thing as you said your mums sister is childless because of this. I think you are really brave and have the up most respect for you .Sure everything will turn out for the best for you and i am sure your daughter will be looking forward to her brother or sister.xx
  • thanks that goes a long way to making me feel better. hopefully everything will be ok. dreading the thought of being poked and prodded about. theres certainly no dignity in pregnancy. xx
  • hey hunni, how did it go today?
    hope things are ok with you. x
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