I really need some advice!!

so iv jus come back from a scan and it has not gone according to plan.

If i go by LMP i should be 9 weeks tomorrow but i dont have an average 28 day cycle as mine is usually around 34 days sometimes a bit more.

I had a scan on monday 21st january which showed a pregnancy sac and a yolk sac but no baby at that time so the scanner women said everything looked fine but it must be too early to see baby. she wrote in my notes that she thought she saw the fetal pole but she told me and my nan that she couldnt see the fetal pole as it was too early and she only saw the yolk sac.

i went for another scan with my gp which was separate to the hospital scan on friday 25th january and the scaner bloke said that everything looked fine nothing bad appears to be happening and he could see the yolk sac and the pregnancy sac and this is what he would expect to see.

Its been a week and 3 days since the last scan and iv just come back from the hospital today and a different scanner woman said that she thinks the baby has stopped growing and i think she said it was only about 5mm but im not sure what she said as she wasnt very good at all and didnt really provide much information.

I then saw the specialist nurse who said that compared with my first scan i had done where the woman had put she saw the fetal pole it looks like it is bad news and the baby doesnt appear to be growing.

i felt as though i was being rushed into a d&c and she wanted to scan me on the following monday and then do a d&c the same day.i thought this wasnt enough time for the baby to develop as i still feel it wil grow so i said i wanted to have a scan on friday 15th february and then if nothing had improved to have the d&c the following day.

I told her what the gp scanner had said and she said i shouldnt listen to him as he doesnt know what he was talking about and that he doesnt know anything about my history and i shouldnt go and have any more gp scans.

I am really really confused and i really dont know what to do. i just keep getting different opinions and no one is making sense. I havent had any real signs of a miscarriage at all.

i have spotted about three times but it wasnt blood it was like a little tinted pink mark when i went to the toilet and wiped. I havent had any red blood or any severe pains just slight growing pains.

I would really appreciate some advice as i am extremely dissappoited with my scan and the way in which i am getting treated.



  • Hi hun, sorry to hear you're having such a hard time, it sounds like you're being very sensible in holding off the scan until you can be sure what has happened as you always hear stories of doctors making mistakes. Good luck with your next scan I hope you get some good news, xxx
  • Hi i would definately hold off for a bit as m,istakes can be made. Its awful they are rushing you into things especially as no miscarriage signs. Don't let them rush you into anything you don't feel is right and you have every right to have follow-up scans.

    I have an early scan on wed due to bleeding and i hope i don't get treated like this. Maybe when you go back next time you may get a better doctor and you can explain your concerns. It could just be you arn't as far along as you thought and baby is fine.

    Good luck and hope the next scan goes better xxx
  • I agree dont be rushed into anything i dont know anything about miscarriage but you do hear about them getting it wrong. i had ascan at 5weeks and all you could see was a black sac then with no heartbeat i then had a private scan at 9 weeks and was 25 mm so it is unlikely you are that far. Maybee you are only 5 weeks give yourself at least another week and they will be able to detect a heartbeat by then. good luck x
  • Id write a letter of complaint and insist on Consultant care as you have been give so cross information and weather or not your baby is healthy this is not helpping matters! maybe try a diffrent hospital or go for a private scan if you can you see if there is any consistancey dont be bullied into anything tho you and only you know your own body! xx
  • Hi Hun sorry that things are not going well, I think the professional sometimes forget that we are not meat on a convayer belt but real people who happen to be excited about these life changing events that are happening. I would suggest that you wait and see what happens, don't get rushed in to anything, and remember to take it easy, and most of all remember everything happens for a reason. Take care and let us know what happens.
    kirsten xxx
  • im going to book in for a private scan next wednesday. I think they will treat me a hell of a lot better then the hospital are.

    I havent had any signs what so ever of a miscarriage so i am definately confused!

  • stick to your guns and have as many scans as you feel are nessessary. you have to be sure before you have a d&c. mistakes are made.
  • my goodness whata hullabaloo they were rde and pushy unless you had evidence to say baby was definately not alive they shouldn't even mention a d&c as if body didn't think it was growing appropriately then it would kick it out easily with in the first 6 weeks and as you saw the sac and not baby would indicate that baby was a new growth just not as far as you thought don't always go by last period go by dates. my last socalled period was a mc of a twin. and i had implant in b4 i concieved! so i can't go by any date other than when i stopped contraception lol hold in there and be strong. prepare yourself for both sets of news that wy it'll make it a relief if heat starts beating and not to big a disappointment if it doesn't... plus your body may decide to reject it once you know in your mind its not there and then you wnt have to go through with a d&C fingers crossed for the positive though big hugs
  • Hi I am not suprised your confused - I am just reading it. I think you should have another scan and then take it from there. Then you know you have done all you can to give your lo a chance.
    let us know how your doing
  • its been about a week and a half now since my scan and iv had absolutely no signs whatsoever of a miscarriage.

    Iv had no bleeding (just the occassional darkish discharge) and no severe pains which is what i thought i should expect if i was miscarrying.

    Im still so confused at whether or not i am miscarrying or if the pregnancy is just 2 weeks behind my LMP date.

    Also i dont feel as though im having much pregnancy symptoms. My boobs are still reasonably large but there not always as sore as they used to be and i feel as though im not as hungry as i used to be. Im not too tired now so do you reckon this could be a sign of possible miscarriage or just the pregnancy symptoms slowing down as the pregnancy develops.


    I experienced a molar pregnancy this time last year and the miscarriage was completely different. i was really ill and always had brown discharge all day long so i cant even compare this pregnancy to the last one!

    any help would really be appreciated!
  • oh love i dont know what to tell you apart from were all here for you... I dont really have experiance to draw upon... perhaph go back to your doctors? x
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