Hi Mummies,
I was just wondering wat is a normal pulse rate for us pregnant ladies because if bin checking myn on my grandma's blood pressure monitor and although my bp is fyn at 128/79 my pulse was at 115. I wudnt mind but i hadnt been doing any excerise or anything strenuous i was just sat down. Any advise on whether this is normal and does anyone else have a pulse that is this high? Kerry xxxx


  • I checked mine a while back too and it was about 90 - I though that was high but I put it down to the increased amount of blood in my body and my heart having to work faster! I figured the mw would have said something when they checked my BP if it was a problem.
    Sorry if no help but that could be what it is!

    33+5. x
  • i have read in my pregnancy bible that you can definately expect your pulse to be higher when pregnant but doesnt give numbers
  • i went to my 24 week midwife appt and mine was 128. my blood pressure was fine and babies heartbeat was exactly what it should be.
    My midwife has booked me in to have an ECG thursday to make sure my heart is ok. I think she said it should be 60-80 when not preg and slightly more when preg as your body is working harder. I think she said no more that about 100 when resting.
  • hi last preg mine was getting as high as 128bpm, and was sent for ecg, all fine though, think it was stress related. but think as long as bp ok then its not reallt a problem
  • Cheers girls i also put it down to ur body having to work harder while pregnant, i just wasnt sure wat sort ov pulse rate was okay. I will check it agen this week and then mention it wen i go to the hospital on monday if its still around the 115 mark. Kerry xxx (35+5)
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