hospital bag

i know weve prob had this list so many times..... im jst writing mine- bt seems very short, so im sure iv missed lots off
any1 with a great list 2 share???


  • I was just going to use the checklist that's on the back of maternity notes or the-My birth checklist that's over there on the left lol.

  • Here's mine. It's a work in progress though!!!:

    For me:
    Dressing gown
    Slippers / socks
    2 Open front nighties
    Mini toiletries
    Comfortable clothes (to wear home)
    2 Nursing bras
    Breast pads
    Maternity pads (at least 2 packs)
    Dark towel
    Hairbrush and hair bands
    5 pairs dark knickers
    Kandoo type wipes (instead of toilet paper)
    Snacks / water / straws
    Lansinoh nipple cream
    Wash bag for dirty clothes
    Maternity notes & birth plan
    Hypnobirthing folder and CD

    For Baby:
    4 Sleepsuits
    4 Vests
    3 Muslin cloths
    Cotton wool
    Nappy bags
    Car seat (obviously in the car not in my bag!!)

    Let me know if I've missed anything crucial!!!
  • great list! I am going to keep a note of that if you don't mind will have to add a lipstick though! I feel naked without it
  • hi

    finished packing mine a couple of days ago

    3 open front nighties
    thin dressing gown
    slippers and socks (cheated here as taking slipper socks lol)
    flip flops (for the shower)
    5 x dark knickers
    2 x nursing bras
    change of clothes (jogging bottoms and a mat top)
    5 pairs breast pads
    2 x packs maternity pads
    dark towel
    hairband (to keep hair out of face in labour)
    toothbrush/ tooth paste
    mini toiletries ( trial sachets lol)
    bath sponge
    kandoo bum wipes ( supposed to be genler down there afterwards than toilet roll)
    cereal bars and lucozade for energy boosts

    4/5 sleepsuits
    5 vests
    i pk 27 nappies
    cellular blanket
    1 pair socks
    2 hats
    3 muslins
    cotton wool
    nappy sacks
    going home outfit

    OH --
    t shirt
    phone/ address book
    change for phone and car park
    tooth brush

    and some how i've managed to squeeze it all into one of those little wheely handluggage suitcases lol, must be a tardis lol!!

  • these lilsts have been really helpful thanks girls. i plan on packing mine next weekend. 28+6
  • Hi, check out march forum, i started a post this week and you will find loads of ideas on there xxxxx
  • I think i better get my bum into gear, you all seem so organised and i havent even started getting one together yet. Does anyone know if you have to bring your own milk in if your bottle feeding?
  • Don't worry, I've only made the list - I don't even have half the things on the list yet!!!

    Sorry, don't know about milk.
  • owww, my auntie recently had a baby and the hospital didnt even provide a blanket to wrap baby in once they moved her from delivery to the ward, the poor little thing was wrapped in a id add a baby blanket or 2 as well, just in case
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