is it my waters?? UPDATE!!!

hi girls

ive just woken up and my knickers r dripping wet and its deffo not wee or discharge could it be my waters???
i was having a few pains last nite but was mostly just uncomfy and could not 4 the life of get comfy

i would of thought if m y waters had gone there would be more liquid tho it was jusr enough to drench my knickers n nothing else

what do u think???


just back from hospital ang yes it was my waters!!!!
they monitored baby for half an hour and she is still very happy in there i have to go back tommorow to be assesed again unless i go into labour b4 then that is!!!
after that if still nothing i will be induced on tuesday!!!!!
im having mad braxtons but no real pain a little pain but nothing major
so no matter what unless they change their mind tommorrow i will be a mummy in the next few days im scared excited nesting like mad everything!!!!!
wish me luck girlys!!!!
vicky xxx

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  • could have been your waters n then babys head could be blocking the hole so no more has come out.Keep an eye on it today,ul probably notice more throughout the day if it was xx
  • im 38+4 so not worried if she want to make a appearence now lol
    i have put a pad on so will see what happens if i get more i will go straight to hospital
  • hi, it sounds like its your waters to me. id phone your midwife to let her know, as you can only go so long as there is risk of an infection. x
  • a few but its mostly just tight like braxtons really not really painful, oooo this is a bit scary!!!
  • Hey hun sounds like a pocket of waters have gone rather than ur forewaters this happened with my first went in to get examined an they said it was apockt from th back of baba, i started getting mild contractions straight after for about 9 hrs then they came thick and fast good luck hun u must inform the hospital tho as there is still a chance of infection u can only go 72 hrs after your waters have gone Sophie 40+5 xx

  • hi the exact same thing happened to me last night and i went in today to get checked out. she said that waters can break and then seal up again if you leave it too long til they check you out ( it happened to me at 2am last night, and i just went to bed thinking id phone if more came out, which it didnt, but i phoned in morning and was told to come in asap es since i have group b strep).

    my advice would be to go and get it checked out. when i went in she couldnt see anymore inside so either it had sealed up again by the morning or it was just urine, and ive just to keep an eye out for more. like you i had eough to soak pants but nothing more.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • sounds like the beginnings of labour to me! I'd ring the ward and get checked out.
  • so jellous cant wait for baby now!!!!! good luck n enjoy meeting ur baby xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • wish you lots of luck hun image not long to go now..............
  • Good luck. Im so excited for you and jealous - i cant wait til its my turn although it seems ages away.

    Ps please dont call her alton towers lol!
  • Wow! You must be really excited! I hope everything goes well - can't wait to read your birth story!
  • hahahaha omg im cracking up OH thinks ive lost it lol
    i promise i will not call her alton towers lol
  • That's you and me both laughing, my oh thinks I am crazy as well. Good luck, hope everything happens soon for you, I'm all excited for you now!
    Kerry xx
  • thank you girlys!!!
    since everyone is so excited does anyone mind actually giving birth 4 me???? no??? u sure???
  • That's why I am excited, because it isn't me that has to do it! When I go into labour I won't be excited, more like lightly terrified xx
  • lol yes well im totally sh*tting it!!!!! i think i have buried my head in the sand for the last 9 months and now is here im cacking it lol
  • Good luck babes im soo jealous cant wait for my baby to arrive now Sophie 40+5 xx

  • isnt it weord that the last few weeks of ur pregnancy ur always like come on get it started n then when it does its like noooo stop now too scary
  • yh i know i couldnt wait b4 today but after we left the hospital i turned to kirk with tears in my eyes n just went i cant do it im not ready!!!!
    thanks zoey i will work on kirk with the name esp straight afer the birth lol
    sophie im sure ur lil one will be here soon xxx
  • Thanks hun i hope so xx
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