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Hi All!
well, I am 6wks today by the dr date but 4+3 by the date I know I ov'ed. I really have absolutely no symptoms at all and it is starting to concern me! When did you all start to feel different? I am perhaps a little more tired in the afternoons and not sleeping so well at night, but other than that - nothing else! I stupidly thought as soon as I got BFP would feel sick etc??


  • Hiya

    I'm 5 weeks already and feel symptomatic sometimes and then other times feel absolutely fantastic. My symptoms come and go. Feel queasy in the morning but thankfully no actual sickness yet. Shattered by lunchtime and hungry all the time!! Have had the occassional dizzy spell - usually when I need to eat.

    I am beginning to 'feel' pregnant tho, I'm conscious that there's something in my tummy - although way too early for a bump. May have to go buy some larger trousers soon!!

    From what the books say some women dont even know they're pregnant at 6 weeks - except that they have missed a period. I'm hoping this is all the symptoms I will get, I work in a school so as you can imagine couls well do without the morning sickness lol!!
  • hiya love, please try not to worry at 5 weeks or so i just felt like i was due af anytime, nothing more and some days nothing at all.
    now i feel queasy some days on and off my boobs KILL and im tired, my freind is 6.5months and she hasnt felt any differant to how she always has even for one day !!
    we are all very differant love xx


  • hi i wouldn worry im 5weeks today and iv only had sore boobs also been worried but heard its normal.
  • Hi

    Thank god there are other people too.
    I am 19 and 5 weeks today and i haven't really had anything except being tired and bloated.

    But this is my third pregnancy and my prev two ended up losing so just abit stressed as i had loads of symptoms before.

    Has anyone else had the same? and is this normal. xxx
  • I didnt have any symptoms either other than bloating and tiredness and was convinced something was going to go wrong.

    I know its not easy but try not to worry as you'll get yourself into a state like I did.

    I'm now 14+5 and so far everything is going well x
  • Hiya hun im 5 weeks tomorrow and like a lot of the other girls have good days and bad days. Im always tired and am aware theres something there - keep feeling little bubbles inside me! And im starving all the time. But today feeling pretty good and yesterday was so bloated I felt like id swallowed a boulder - couldnt even get my trousers done up but today its gone

    i guess we are all different but my doc says I was one of the earliest patients shes ever had so I suppose a lot of women dont even know at this early stage as the symptoms are so come and go. Dont worry Im sure you will be feeling rough as hell soon enough!! image



  • i wouldnt worry i had no symptoms at all with either of my last two
  • hi

    please don't worry. i didn't find out i was pregnant until 6 weeks because i had no symptoms and only tested cos AF was a week late. and still even now the only symptom i've had is the need to wee more often, so i'm one of those 'lucky' ones who seems to have by passed the sickness and nausea. i'm hoping it stays that way and that it does sneak up on me at the end instead lol.




  • I didn't have any symptoms at all in the first trimester-other than missed AF! I ended up doing about 6 tests just for reassurance! As i've got heavier the symptoms caused by the weight of the baby have kicked in, like constipation, but i really didn't get any sickness etc so try not to worry xx

  • I've always considered myself to be in tune with my body but I didn't fully believe I was pregnant until my first scan, as I had no symptoms - no cramps, no tiredness, nothing. Apart from the bump, my pregnancy has been pretty much symptomless throughout, and particularly so in the first and second trimesters. So try not to worry - we're the lucky ones.

    38 weeks today image
  • Im 23+3 today and had no symptoms at all - did loads of tests for reassurance, DH had all the symptoms which was hilarious! Then I had my 12wk scan and threw up every day for 6 weeks!!!!!!
    I was sick from beginning to end in my 1st pregnancy and none at all in my 2nd... just shows how different things can be, so try not to worry
    Jacki x
  • think all preg dif i was sick from day 1 first time not until 7weeks 2nd time and day one again with this one
  • please dont worry,every pregnancie is different as ive found out,my first pregnancy i had all the symptoms,as soon as i got my bfp 2 days after morning sickness kicked in,on this pregnancy ive had nothing,just the tiredness and thats it and iam having twins,if you read everything it says i should have every symptom a million times worse and ive had nothing,so keep your fingers crossed that your just gonna be one of the lucky ones,congratulatons on your bfp


  • Please dont worry, i didnt have any symptoms till i was about 7-8 weeks then they all hit and i was sick up untill about 16 weeks! My sickness has passed by im still very tired! My friend didnt have any sickness or anything, everyone is different just enjoy feeling well!

    Jennie 17+4
  • I will be 6 weeks in 2 days but I don't feel much either. Besides sore boobs but only if I touch it but really not much other than that.

    I mentioned it to dh because I am a bit concerned and he said "cherish these days because I think you'll long for them later" lol xx

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  • last pg i had no symptoms whatsoever and yet this one i had them from about 6dpo. every pg is different. you may get some later on or may be lucky and escape all the sickness etc.
    Take care and try not to worry hun
    Filo x
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