I feel embarrassed asking for advice about piles but need help. I've just discovered I've developed 2 piles from going to the toilet. Never experienced this before and it feels horrible. I'm 36+5 weeks. Has anyone else developed piles and do they get better? I'm scared about the birth now (Scared to push too hard in case I get more). My mum has a pile from the birth of my sister and it's never gone! Please tell me that they'll go when the baby's born!


  • Hey hun

    I wouldnt know myself as i never have it but its best to let the mw and doctor know about it so they can keep an eye on it or do something for u

    Good luck
    Cheriste 40 + 1 xxx
  • I have had them and they do go away love even if they are painful & embarressing to take about! Bath in a warm bath and you can put cream there to make them recede afterwards! Make sure you increase you fiber and Ive asked and its safe to take fibergel which is like an orange drink with husk in it to make it much easier to go and much more regular so you dont have to feel needing a trip to the loo! xx
  • Hey,

    I (thankfully) haven't had piles before or during my pregnancy so far however 2 of my friends who have had babies both had them! They told me that bathing & the cream you can get really help but also eating plenty of fruit & fibre filled foods help to keep you 'regular' so that your not straining as much!

    Sorry if TMI just hope it helps!
    Lauren (32wks) xx
  • I found that putting some salt into your bath really helps them and eases the pain.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Thanks everyone for your help. I'll give everything a go! Love Rachel XXX
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