As some of you may know i gave birth to baby Daisy three and a half weeks ago. its been a tough few weeks but she is settling down a bit now. trying all sorts of things for her wind . The reason for this post is that my midwife has just been out and discharged us!!!! And i feel dead emotional,just had a few tears. This baby was so wanted and although iconceived naturally in the end we were about to try fertility treatment and had got as far as blood tests sperm tests etc. i have polysistic ovarie syndrome and at the time had a cyst on my ovarie too so my chances were stacked against me. having so very few periods i had stopped doing pregnancy tests, but in may something toldme to do one. only those who have struggled to conceive can appreciate the feeling hen you see that bfp. i must have done 4 tests that day only to read on the bottom of instructions that a cyst can give a false reading!!! so we went through weeks of am i arnt i till we paid for private scan at 9 weeks. I remember seeing midwife at booking in vis
it and i still didnt know whether i was or wasnt, and now i have a healthy 10 pound little girl on my lap!

i didnt particuarlly have a great pregnancy had many problems but i never once not loved being pregnant. yes the sickness was horriffic at the time but the joy of people congratulating you and being so wrapped up in your pregnancy is amazing. i then suffered with siatica and spd and my job as a hairdresser was really tough but again every one was so lovely. i had some fantastic cards and presents from colleauges and clients, every one is so kind.
This forum has been a great way of coping with pregnancy becouse you know that you are not on your own. lots of my friends have had babies but never suffered from many of the symptoms that i did, so you do think god am i just a wimp or a drama queen. in fact i find it hard to not visit this forum as there are so many of you going through what i did that im nearly shouting at the screen it will all be worth it and its perfectly normal!!!

So now ive been discharged im sad as like i say it is such a privelidge to be pregnant. when i look at daisy i cant beleive me and my oh made her and i carried her and looked after her for 40 weeks. people said to me while i was pregnant enjoy it becouse you will miss it when baby is born, i thought no way but it is so true. i cant explain it but maybee becouse she was exclusively mine and now i have to share her. and also every one fusses over you when you are pregnant and now every one fusses over daisy!

so all you lucky ladies enjoy your pregnancy, well done for looking after your little ones so far and remember it will all be worth it!! you do forget all the crap i swore 3 weeks ago i would never do it ever again, after an emergency c section and a real crap time of it. BUT ive started to box up daisys clothes that dont fit JUST IN CASE we ever become lucky enough to fall pregnant again. xxxxxxxxxxxx


  • That's the thin end of the wedge westbrom! Although I always wanted two children I swore blind after Millie that I wasn't having any more. Pregnancy and birth I could cope with, lack of sleep was a different matter. However here I am less than two years later expecting again. You'll be back in the pregnancy forum before you know it! Glad to hear everything is going well for you, I had a terrible birth and yours managed to make mine look like a walk in the park!

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  • Thank you bedhead and congratulations fair play to you doing it again, im struggling with tiredness so cant imagine how difficult it must be looking after a toddler too. but you are right i would hate for daisy to be an only child! xxxxx
  • Hi all its nice to hear everyone soo positive i sometimes think im mad having another just when my first will be turning 21 months its such hard work just being pregnant and running around after her i cant imagine what is going to be like other than very hard work when my next little girl arrives i was convinced i would never do it again after i had Ashleigh but here i am again with only 7weeks to go i missed being pregnant the moment Ashleigh came out because as u have said she was all mine when i was carrying her and im sure i will feel the same when this baba arrives but i know evertime i look at my daughter i feel nothing but love and pride for her im so proud of her and myself for raising such a beautiful little girl and i no i will fel the same when this one arrives Sophie 33wks today xx

  • I have PCOS and it's taken me two and a half years to get pregnant and I am finding it very hard going... but so lovely to hear its all worth it! xx
  • hi i totally agree with you! i miss having a moving wriggling bump and the anticipation of birth. i had a long painful labour and birth but here i am ttc again when my son is 10.5 months old! i always say now to others make the most of it (sleepless nights aaarrrggghhh) it is hard going being pg but a doddle compared to looking after a newborn lol!!! seriously its such a special time and we wish it away which is normal but if i am ever lucky enough to fall pg again i will cherish every step! xx
  • You have put everything so well! I have felt really priviledged with all of my pregnancies and after 2 normal pregnancies was so shocked to then have 2 miscarriages so having my daughter after that was even more special. I have enjoyed every minute of my pregnancies (despite the constant back ache and spd) and feel sad that I probably won't ever be pregnant again (but never say never!). My 3rd is a year old in 2 weeks so won't officially be a baby anymore - just enjoy every minute with Daisy as time just goes too quickly x
  • Aw - that's so sweet. It's weird because I was thinking today about how much I'll miss being pregnant. This is definately my last one and although I'm not enjoying it as much as the other 3 (too old now I think!) I'm already sad that it's my last one and that soon I won't have this bundle exclusively to me.

    You summed it up so well when you said you've got to share her now! The specialness of you being pregnant and being a new mum wears off almost straight away doesn't it? I remember with my last lo thinking 'hello, I did this you know'! Like I wanted a Blue Peter Badge for it or something!!!

    And Congratulations on the birth of your healthy little girl!

  • hi. ahh you have took the words out of so many mums and mums to be mouths. it certainly is a big priviledge to be pregnant. i can remember feeling upset the day my midwife discharged me with my first nearly 9 years ago. but i always knew deep down that i would have more babies.
    and now 9 months after having my 5th baby i feel so lucky to have been able to be pregnant with my 5 kids and to have had the chance to be elected in to that so special and exclusive club they call mother hood. god i'm brimming with tears as i type!!!!
    good luck to you all. and glad all is ok for you westbrom. take care.xxxx
  • Awww westbrom1 that is such a lovely story and I bet it is so worth it having little Daisy at the end of it.

    I must admit I need to start loving being pregnant! All my life I dreamed about having kids & envied pregnant women and their gorgeous bumps. I know that sounds odd but I did and still do. But now it is happening to me, it feels so unreal. I am enjoying it lots & feel grateful so don't get me wrong BUT I just feel like my body is doing its job, rather than growing a little miracle! Lol!

    Mainly I just can't wait to meet my lo. And then I bet I'll want to do it all over, but my oh is already putting his foot down to any more even though we are only 19 & 21. I think he's mad as I've always wanted a big family, ah well, I have plenty of time to change his mindimage

    Pen, are you planning any more? Lol. I don't know how anyone copes with 5+ children - I think I would forget their names! My dad forgot my sisters birthday and he only has 3! xxxx
  • Hiya hon!!

    Am catching up with my reading lol!

    It is sooo lovely to hear you and daisy are doing so well.

    As you know I have had it a bit tough this time and tbh I really am hating being pregnant this time and I just want it to hurry by so Tommy will be here. I would say though, if it hadnt been for the SPD this time around then I probably would have given it one more try to have a little girl! But now I think, I am 38 I already have 2 gorgeous sons of nearly 15 and 6 1/2 and now another mummys boy due soon time to stop!

    I doubt I will ever look upon this pregnancy joyously but I know when Tommy looks at me that 1st time, it wont look half as bad!


    Love Lee
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