Scan question!

Hi all, I am hoping someone on here can help me with a question that I have!
I have my dating scan on the 9th April to establish how far along I am as midwife can't be sure due to me being on the pill!
When I have the scan I will be anything from 9 weeks to 10+5! I am worried because I am overweight and a size 20 normally, I have read a few stories that langer women can't see the baby or hear the heartbeat at ultrasounds, has anyone experienced this and if so how did the medical team establish that everything was ok? :\?

Sorry might be worrying over nothing!



  • hiya, i was a size 16 with my 3rd and it didnt cause any problems, just make sure you drink loads of water before hand cause it is hard in most cases early on to see anything it was with me and i was a size 12 at my 1st dating scan with this one, couldnt see a thing but that was before 6 weeks, they will offer to do an internal scan which isnt bad at all and you get a clearer pic and heartbeat too, dont worry it will be fine xx

    chloe 36+4
  • Hiya,

    I am not 100% certain, but the way I understand it is:

    They probably won't even try to listen to the heartbeat (whatever size the mum is) that early, in my area, they don't attempt to listen before 16 weeks, as it is so hard to hear at that stage (and causes so much worry when they can't find it).

    They shoukd be able to see something, but it might be trickier for them if you are larger, and may involve a bit more poking and prodding than usual. I am sure they will get it though, remember they do this all day, every day - and will see women of all shapes and sizes!

    I am not sure what you will see, it may just be a blob with a heartbeat, or may look like a baby, depending on how many weeks you are. My SIL had a scan at 10 weeks, and the baby looked like a peanut, but mine at 12 was definately 'baby' shaped. You should be able to see the heartbeat by 8 weeks - but if they can't they will probably just tell you to go back in a couple of weeks.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi like yourself am a good size 20 and was in my first pg but please don't worry i had a scan as normal and they could see the baby jumping arround very clear infact my first pic is better and clearer than my friends and she is a size8. and they used a doppler at 16weeks just like they would with anyone else to hear the babys heart and trust me it was loud and clear. the only thing they possibly might struggle with is when they feel your tummy to feel what possition the baby is in it is a bit harder for them but my mw was very experienced and had no trouble with me (thankfully). Hope this has put your mind at rest and good luck with the rest of your pg Hannah xx

  • Hey hun, I am 16-18 and it doesn't affect the scan at all hun. It does however mean that they press ALLOT harder to see the baby and I found this rather painful so make sure you drink plenty of water! hope the scan goes well...its great fun!

    Tracey x
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