Has anybody been to fertility clinic?

Hi ladies

Just wondering if anybody can help me out, i have also posted on the ttc forum. Me and my parnter have been ttc for 15month and ive got my first appointment with the fertility clinic at the hospital in 4weeks im really nervous and scared as i dont know what to expect. Just wondering if any of you have been through this and could share your experiences with me.

Thanks so much.

Jen xx


  • Hi Jen- so glad you've got your appt and don't worry it can only bring you closer to a solution.
    You know I struggled for years too with my ex partner before being diagnosed with fertility probs myself but the clinic could not have been more kind and helpful.
    The NHS service was a wee bit efficient -in, out, come back in 3 months etc, but when we got to the private clinic for more tests and treatment it was completely different (Aldridge clinic). They are SOOOOOOO knowledgeable, explained everything and were always ready with the tissues.
    Sending all my love to you xxxxx
  • hi might b wise to expect a blood test, go armed with a rough idea of ur cycle so they can tell u when to get a blood test done (they check to see if you ovulate) they may ask about ur weight , smoking, facial hair (excess can b a sign of hormonal imbalance) also make sure oh is prepared to answer embarrassing q's too just to make u giggle at whats a horrible situation my oh rang what he thought was the clinic to book his spem test but didnt wait for the receptionist to say goodmorning such n such clinic just rushed right in telling them his name address and saying yes id like to book a sperm test then the receptionist says ok mr hatcher but im afraid the volvo dealership doesnt offer those arrrrgggg he was so embarrassed got the last two digits mixed up hahahaha
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