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transverse lie

i am 36 weeks pregnant and have been told my baby ia a transverse lie and will not been able 2 be turned unless she does by her self am just wanting 2 here from ppl that have had a transverse lie and if the baby has turned


  • Hi
    Mine was transverse until last week (33 weeks) it moved on its own and yesterday at midwife app it was head down! You still have time! xx
  • I'm only 14 weeks with my first baby so I can't help too much.

    But there's a website I've heard of with tips to help turn your baby!

    My mum told me I was breech until 34 or 36 weeks and I turned myself, apparently most babies do. xxx
  • Both of my children was transverse. My first turned at 36 weeks and my second at 38 weeks. I had really easy labours.. I am now pregnant with my 3rd who is also transverse so I am hoping for the same. I am 31 weeks. I did think I would have to have a c section though but luckily I didnt need one. I don't think there is much you can do, just hope the baby will turn.
    All the best
  • A friend of mines baby didnt turn cephallic until 38 weeks so your baby could still turn yet.

    Mine was breech at 30 weeks & I took a homeopathic remedy called 'Pulsatilla 30c' that encourages them into a cephallic position & it worked for me so that might be worth investigating to see if it would still have a high success rate at 36 weeks. Try asking at your local health shop or you could find a homeopath & ask them for advice.

    Another thing that has a high succes rate is acupuncture & I was going to try it if it hadnt turned by 35 weeks.

    When are you due? You must be due around the same time as me coz I'm 36+2 weeks & I'm due on 26th NOv

    Good luck
    Hilary x
  • You still have time for it to move.
    Mine was tranverse but moved eventually. I massaged bump each night in a clockwise direction esp when she was at her most active and i was relaxed. This seemed to help. Another thing you could do which sounds strange is shine a torch on bump- babies respond to light thats why they perform for us when we have our scans. Slowly move the light to the position you want her to go to. Another is to play some music again position it under bump and she will follow the sound. I know its weird but worth a try. Of course the old fashioned trick is to get on all 4 bum up in air scrubbing floors or picking up toys.

    Good luck
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