NOT PREGNANCY RELATED - but need help finding a recipie

My daughters got a party coming up at her mother and toddlers and i do all the baking, i have sorted out what im doing for the kids, but for the mummys i was going to make tablet, the problem is with all the moving we have done over the years i seem to have loat my recipie and cant seem to find one online that i like the sound of, was wondering if any of you lot had a good one that you have used before x


  • its a bit like fudge only better, is a scottish sweety and its a total sugar overload,
  • SB tablet is AMAZING! But only if its made right. Jodie try this one:
    Tablet Ingredients:

    1 teacup of milk
    Large tin of condensed milk
    900g of sugar
    100g of butter .

    Tablet Cooking Directions:

    1. Melt the butter and sugar. Add the condensed milk and the teacup of milk.

    2. Stir and turn up the heat and keep stirring until it reaches boiling point.

    3. Turn the heat down low and stir for 45 minutes (chair and book optional!)

    4. Remove from the heat and beat 60 times with a wooden spoon. Put a wee bit on a plate and if it sets then it's ready to be put onto the shallow trays.

    5. Score the tablet surface marking into squares and allow to set and get cold.

    ill give it a try, i just really wish i had my old recipie as i had been making it with that recipie for almost 10 years and it was great. lol x
  • I love tablet SO much! I randomly buy some every now and again from ebay. I can't get enough of it!!!

    We served ours with tea & coffee when we got married.

    mmmmm, now I want some!

  • I love tablet so much we honeymooned in Scotland so I could eat it every day!

    thankfully i dont need to go to that much trouble just walk to the corner shop, but i do prefer to make my own x
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