Its a BFP but....

I have the worst cramps like AF is about to appear. Anyone else get this and now still pregnant. HELP, i really want this one to stick!!
Filo x


  • Congrats babe!

    Am really pleased for you but am sure you are gonna be missed on TTC forum lol

    I had period pains for the first 12 wks babe! I even had slight spotting at 6 wks (implantation) - you are normal hon and I really really am pleased to see you make the jump over here!!!!

    Love Lee (25+2)
  • Congratulations on your pg!

    As Lee said, completely normal - I got them aswell and was convinced I was m/c with spotting as well.

  • Congratulations filbabe, at almost 20 weeks i still get the cramping pains once in awhile, bt just go and get checked out to be on the safe side. enjoy your pregnancy!!!
  • Congratulations! I have been watching your saga for ages!!
    If it helps at all, I had horrible period type pains for the firs 10 weeks or so and was convinced I was going to mc again. It seemed like every 5 mins or so I was running to the loo because I was that convinced my af had arrived. It never did and I now have a gorgeous 6 month old daughter.
    I'm sending you all the sticky baby dust I can find!
    Lots of love & luck for a healthy 9 months.
  • Yay! Congratulations Filobabe! That's great news! Yeah period type pains are very common, especially in early pregnancy! Keeping everything crossed this is a sticky one xxxx

  • Hi Filo,

    This is great news! I ended up in hospital because of abdominal pains. That was probably due to a large pregnancy cyst or a UTI (I was diagnosed with both so they weren't sure what was really responsible!)

    Good advice to see your GP in case it is a UTI. Don't know why they are so common in early pregnancy but they are!

    I also had bleeding early on (separate to the pain) and then again at 11 weeks. I'm sure they said it was only a major concern if I had both. They were always more concerned about the bleeding then the pain!

    I'm keeping everything crossed for you and I'll keep checking in to see how you're getting on.

    Sonia x
  • Ahhhh congratulations filobabe....I had pains and still get them now at 28+ weeks..its fairly common but if you are worried then see your GP just to ease your mind. Its a worrying time and I know that I notice every little feeling in my belly since being pregnant and have been to my docs/midwife a few times and they are always understanding and put you at ease straight away.
    Cogratulations again.
    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Hey....Congrats!!!!Sometimes I still get cramps but in the beginning there was no stopping them. I was feeling really bad. I'm now nearly 30 weeks and still get some period type cramps. I just think it varies from woman to woman. But if it makes it easier for you tocope with why not call your GP or maybe even nhs direct. They were great with me.

    Well done and the best of luck!!
    Tash and bump
  • Congratulations! I had really bad cramps when my af was meant to come but it didn't and I'm now 33 weeks. Good luck xxxxxxx
  • Hi Filobabe, as lots of ladies have said, I had period pains for the first 12 weeks and still get them sometimes now was very worried to begin with just accept them once you get past the dreaded 12 weeks.

    Good luck x x x

    Joanna 21wks 2dys
  • Congratulations Filo!!!!!! so happy for you do you know when you'll be due?? As alot of the girls have saifd I think the cramps are pretty normal I had them to for a bout the 1st 10 weeks or so. xxx
  • Thanks ladies
    By the due date calculator i'll be due 21st november but will deliver early probably by section due to medical problems, so around 7th i reckon.
    Damn cramps still here but just like an ache and not really painful, stick little one.
    Filo x
  • congrats filo i was getting bad af pains to begin with even had slight bleeding but everything is fine and pains just slight now im sure ul be fine lots of sticky baby dust to you lets hope the others from the ttc forum join us soon
    Jo xxxx

  • I wont post a seperate thread as my problem is the same. I am 8 + 4 weeks PG and for the last couple of days have been having period type dragging sensation low in abdomen. Feel a little reassured by answers on this thread. I am 41 and had mc 2 years ago so really think this is my last chance for another baby.
  • Aw - good luck Fern, it's hard after m/c isn't it? Everything makes you paranoid.

    I'm an older mum at nearly 38 - luckily for me it's my 4th (and last pg) but I do remember feeling the same, that time is ticking etc etc! No pressure huh?!

  • Congrats xx

    I've had cramps throughtout the pregnancy and 8 weeks at the moment and still getting them every now and then
  • Congratulations!!
    I had similar cramps and still get the odd sharp pain-more when I get up after I've been in the same place for a long time.!!
    Good Luck and take care
    Lydia xx

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