my husband has been made redundant!

OMG! we found out on friday that we are expecting twins and yesterday my hubby came home and told me he has been given 12 weeks notice and will receive redundancy!

We are absolutely gutted! Dont know how the hell we are going to cope!

He is a plumber so we are hoping that something else will come along quickly but at the moment i am in a state of panic!



  • sorry to hear it littlemiss, sounds stupid as it is a stressful situation but try stay calm for your lo's. I don't know if there is much variation in plumber but sounds like a good freelance career option, people always need plumbers, there are a few people who have been made redundant or their partners have been but you might have more scope because your other half has a timeless skill, I hope it goes ok, good luck!
  • Oh no, try not to worry too much hun, there is always a demand for plumbers and he has 12 weeks to find something else. Has he thought about going self employed? Luckily you are early on in your pregnancy so there is plenty of time for him to find something else. I know its really hard and so disheartening but try not to let it get you down, something will come along Im sure.

    All the best with everything, keep us updated, oh and congrats on the twins!!!!

  • My hear t goes out to you, just when neither of you need stress like this! I think this is most peoples worst fear at the moment.

    Try not to panic too much, you need to look after yourself and your babies. The one positive thing is has had generous notice which gives you more time to scour all the adverts and apply for jobs.

    Really hope he finds a new job soon, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you both x
  • I know it's easier said than done but try not to panic. You need to keep yourself calm and try to minimise the stress for your twins.

    Your hubby has a good trade...people will always need a plumber! Fingers crossed he'll be abe to find some work asap.

    Hope all goes well for you both (and the double bump).

    Jaimep xx:\)
  • thanks girls, we are trying to stay positive. after the 12 weeks notice, we are hoping he gets a job straight away and then he will get redundancy pay too and then we will be better off. he has been in this job since leaving school, so there for 15 years, so should be a decent amount.
    we had thought about setting upn on own but it really isnt the right time to be throwing money into a new business. it is might not work out and then we would be really stuck! i will keep you informed girls and thanks for your support.
  • Like everyone else has said a Plumber is a great trade and I am sure he will find work quickly as he is qualified and experianced and ready to go.
    Try not to stress hun I know its easier said than done!
    Take care
  • Hi little miss. ope your feeling better. AS the other ladies ave said. Your DH has a great trade. People always need plumbers and there is far more money to be made when hes not giving a cut to a company. Perhaps setting up on his own is still something to think about. What ever happens i hope he finds work soon. Good luck and try and stay calm for you lovely twins x
  • Sorry to hear this.
    My husband got made redundant last week, had only been with company 2 years, so did not get hardly any redundancy pay. He has also not found anything else yet and is finding things really hard.
    He had to go for an appointment at the job centre yesterday and felt so degrading to be told he should be applying for jobs for ??15k, when he has just left a job for ??35k plus company car and benifits.
    Its not easy out there, it has to be said, but I hope that all of us in this situation get a bit of good luck soon.
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