hey all, just wondering if you can give me some advice? Im 8 weeks pregnant and just worrying about every little thing! things that can go wrong and stuff like that. Does anyone or has anyone felt like this? Im scared that im gonna lose the baby (it's my first baby) by doing normal everyday stuff? Hope i dont sound too mad! lol.

Jo x


  • yeah definitely - i still feel a bit like that now (29+5) but I felt totally like that at the beginning - it gets a it easier hun but basically as soon as you get pregnant you are a bag of worries and I doubt it goes away! xxx
  • Hi Jo - congratulations on your pregnancy.

    No you dont sound mad - you sound just like me!! No honestly, i felt exactly the same (and still do and im 28 weeks pregnant). There is so much advice / info out there on what to do / not to do and what to eat / not to eat - it can all get a bit much at times. And there is so much conflicting advice about foods etc. it can get confusing.

    i too was terrified up until my first scan and kept worrying that something would go wrong. This is my first baby too. I found after about the 12 week mark i could relax a bit but to be honest, i dont think we ever stop worrying. I still worry about things (im a born worrier though).

    Good luck with everything.

  • i no, i feel really stupid and dont wanna get stressed over it! plus at the moment, ive got really big things coming up that are gonna put me in a position of getting upset which is worrying me x
  • Hey Joeybelle, it is completely normal to worry about everything and anything! And unfortunately it doesn't stop! I thought it would be over once I got my 12 week scan but no then you worry about the 20 wek scan (or not getting one in my case) and everything else going on in your body. The plus side is that usually the things causing the worry are completely normal and not signs that anything is wrong. xx
  • I second that! I worried constantly for the 1st 12 weeks thinking - will feel better when had the scan! Then after that it was - will better when heard heartbeat, have heard it twice this week and am still worrying - oh well, maybe will feel better after scan on 13th Feb lol
    I think its an emotion hormone that comes with being pregnant and stays with you now for the rest of your life - I worry about my teenager and my 6 year old just as much!
  • seriously babe im still exactly the same and im 15+5 WEEKS. you cant help it i guess. its my first to, and even though i have so many people telling me its fine to do everydy stuff, and not to worry, you cNT HELP IT CAN YOU??

    dont worry you will be fine, just relax and take it easy.
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