3rd epau visit, and....

All is ok, well kind of anyway. 1st app was told m/c, 2nd app to re-scan and arrange d&c was told bean with a heartbeat was present! 3rd app, consultant thought the pregnancy was growing in the wrong place and spent nearly 20 mins with the internal probe up me (v.uncomfortable). He called a sonographer in from ante-natal for a 2nd opinion and she said that it looked fine to her, although she did find some internal bleeding near my sac. On 1 hand im really chuffed that my bean is still there, although on the other am worried sick. Just gonna put my feet up and relax for the next 3 wks until my 12 wk scan. Has anyone else been told about a small internal bleed being present but went on to have healthy pregnancies? xxx


  • I've not been through it but just wanted to say good luck, and it's great that there's a heartbeat. Take care. xxx
  • hi i had bleeding at the start of my last pregnancy but no idea if it was internal!
    you must be so relieved to still have your bean, huge congratulations hun
    susie xxx


  • hi hun what a start to your pregnancy and what a bunch of clowns you sound like you have for drs at the mo!!
    i had a placental bleed in 1st trimester and was told to take things easy and not lift anything heavy, LO is now 4 and very healthy.
    Fingers crossed for you and take care
    Filo x
  • just wanted to say that i have an area of haemmorrage next to my bean. It has shown up on all scans that i've had. I'm 13+ 3 now.
    I think its about 5mm by 7mm and its written about in my notes. But they said its nothing to worry about, and at some stage it will come away as brown goo.
    Cant say i'm looking forward to that!
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