Link to pics with bump

Hi girls was just looking up how early so people showed and then found this. I loved looking through at them all.
K xx


  • they're all quite different aren't they - some look quite big early on.
  • Just a word of warning, I did this when I was 20 weeks before scan as I had hardly a bump at all and really started panicking that I was not big enough- all was fine (I am now 38 weeks) but some people just don't show that much (I popped at about 25 weeks) Just didn't want people worrying as it is sooo easy to compare but everyone's body is different
    Take carexxx
  • Thats why i put this on here though hun it's shows you people showing early and then that women at 40 hardly had a bump. Its to show that every women is differentimage

    K xx
  • Tell me about it. I want to be the lady at 40 weeks with a tiny bump. She gave birth three days after that picture how crazy is that I bet she went right back to her normal size.

    k xx
  • Wow that woman at 40 weeks was tiny! I want a proper bump, a really recognisable going to give birth soon bump!!

    I haven't got anything at the moment its pathetic!!
  • I am 38 weeks and my bump is quite small compared to how my frineds have been at the same stage. It is a bit gutting to be honest-and I still have stretchmarks!
  • OMG surely no 17 was twins??? x
  • I liked looking at those pics too, just to see how different everyone is.

    For all of those envying the lady at 40wks with a small bump, I reckon you will change your mind as time goes on. I don't have a massive bump and wish I had cos I usually worry if baby is growing enough (particularly as I had a growth scare at 32wks).

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