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Hey girls.I have been off for a while. Ihad some sex on tuesday night and some cramps started happening Woke up in a pool of liquid two hours later. Waters broke. Went in at 4 on wednesday morning. Gave birth 8:30 that evening and now home with a premature baby.

I was hoping for some advice. Cause she is premature she really needs to feed.She is just not responding to feeding. I was told by my mum to force feed her cause thats what she had to do with my brother that was born a little earlier as well. She was 6 weeks early. Can you believe that!!!!! I cant believe she is here!!

So could someone please help me.I have been made to feel really paranoid about LO and now I'm scared cause she is not responding well and not crying that there must be something wrong. Though last night when all the woman were snoring away I was left near to tears cause LO was crying for most of last night and I thought she was just being naughty as she was feeding all the time.Little did I know that she was just not getting enough of what she needed.Now I feel really bad and hoping that I can make up for allof that......

Help me please. And reassure me!!!

Tash + Genevieve


  • Aww babe great news that your little one arrived! I didnt realise they send you home so early after being prem, did they advise you what to do - are you breastfeeding or bottle??? If BF and she isnt accepting breast try expressing into bottle.

    I wouldnt try forcing her, I would ring the hospital or your midwife and get some advice to be on the safe side, I just cant believe your home so soon!! Sorry not much use but think you should definatley ring up hospital

  • you need to ring your midwife and get her to come round and help you hun. demand the help tho coz sumtimes they will try and put off comin to see you. are you breast feeding? maybe try bottle feeding aswel if shes that hungry. just try and stay calm tho and dont feel bad coz you should of had help especially as shes prem. hope this helps x
  • Yeah the MW talked tome about it before leaving the hospital.Everyone was very happy with her health.According to the baby docs she was very healthy. The MW told me to try and breastfeed for at least 15 mintues and then go on to bottle feeding. But she is not even swallowing the bottle stuff.And I dont know how much frommy breast she is getting.I will se how she gets on this week end and then will call MW onMonday to report back. And someone is meant to come see me next week sometime.

    Thanks for the calming words girls...Yeah zoey!!!can you believe it!!!I'm a mum already. And she looks nothing like me.Only her dad.!!!! And the birth was good as ever. I coped very well....

  • congratulations hun,how much did she weigh then?me n hubbie did it last night but nowt happened,lol!got 5 weeks left im sure itl fly.Glad 2 hear the birth went well and hope you get some help with her feeding.I too am shocked to hear u were allowed home so soon,thought u had to stay in with premature babies?take care,hanna xx
  • Nah she was really healthy.Its just the feeding that is a bit of a concern with her. But that is about it. Hard sex my dear!!!!!Bounce!!!! Bounce for your life!!!LOL.... Zo I will upload some pics on facebook!!!!

    Hope you guys have a great Pregnancy further and I will keep coming back as I have made some great friends here!!

  • congrats!! i would def phone the midwife to xome out. amazing they let you out so soon. just curious to much did she weigh? i have 5 weeks to go and wonder how much baby weighs about just now.;19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • Wow congrats Tash!

    Your mum is kind of right actually. With premmies they do need encouraging to feed, so push the bf'ing as much as you can. I'm sure your m/w has explained to you what to look out for in terms of dehydration, so do that. You may be surprised at how much breast milk she's actually getting. Keep pushing it hon, I'm sure you'll feel like a feeding machine, but will be worth it in the long run.

    Welcome little Genevieve!

  • She is weighed 4 pounds and 11 oz...Sonot alotatall..... Thanx Karen!!!
  • Tash - love the way your words are just running into one - is lack of sleep getting to you already?! Even your typing sounds slurred he he!!!x
  • Hi my lo was 5 1/2 weeks early and was also very healthy but she was kept in SCBU for 2 weeks. She was in an incubator for 5 days to make sure her temp was regulated and she had a bit of jaundice that is common in prem babies. I am really surprised at the hosp for letting you home. Kara weighed only 3lb 12oz when she was born and she had to be fed with a tube to help her sucking as she was prem. She then established bottle feeding soon after.

    I would take your lo back to the hosp as well if you are not happy and demand to be seen even just to reassure you.

    Also when Kara was in hospital the policy was that a baby could not be discharged until they were 35 weeks so your baby should have been in at least a week.


  • Hi I totally agree with nashy and Joanne. Even though my daughter wasnt as premature she was still classed as premature. She was born at 36 weeks and weighed 7lb and was healthy yet they still kept me in for 3 days as policy just to make sure feeding, temperature etc were ok.

    If they still do this with a 36 weeks baby I just dont understand why they would release your daughter from the hospital so quick.

    I would demand some answers from them to be honest.

    Sorry rant over about hospitals. Congratulations on your bundle.


  • Congratulations tashy. But I agree with Joanne & Nashy. You should be in hospital! Hope you are now! xxxx

  • Tash - how are things going?

    Has anyone else heard how little Genevieve is getting on?

  • Hey girlies.....

    I was on the phone with hospital on Saturday night. And they seemed a little less disturbed. I will be on my way to edgware hospital tomorrow as queen charlotte seems to be not bothered about anything although giving me a numberto call24/7. I will be going to docs tomorrow morning very early to register my baby and get a GP view straight away. I live above a midwife as well and she had a look this afternoon and said she seems to be doing fine and checked her feeding and its picking up alot and she is waking more regularly for feeding.

    Which was a good thing. but she too was taken back by the time we were released.

    But dont worry guys. I will be at hospital tomorrow and will keep you updated as soon as I know whats going on.

    Thank you for all the concern!!!!
  • Good girl! Where abouts you live Tash? Edgware's just up teh road from me - I live in harrow. Oh I've got a distant memory thing going on - are you in Finchley?!

    Glad to hear lo is doing much betterxx
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