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Hey ladies, I feel very bad as I ate a prawn mayonnaise for lunch today (pre packed from Tesco) and I have read different stories as to whether I should be eating this or not -!!
I know there is not a lot I can do about this now but annoyed with myself. I even checked the mayonanise was pasturised but not the bloody prawns!

Oh well no more prawns for me. Was not even that nice anyway hence my annoyance with myself.

S. xx


  • I wouldn't worry too much if you've already eaten it, there's nothing you can do. My book says that - it tells you not to panic!

    With most foods to avoid it's to save you from getting food poisoning, so as long as you feel ok, don't worry! Years ago, women didn't find out they were pregnant until months into their pregnancies and carried on eating what they wanted, drinking and smoking and we all turned out ok.

    A prawn marie rose baguette is on my wish list for after I've had the baby - can almost taste it now!!!!!!!! Mmmmm.

    30+6 xx
  • I've always eaten prawns and touch wood have been ok.... I had a prawn salad from co-op a few times and occasionally have a prawn sarnie. Prawns are cooked anyway so shouldn't they be fine to eat? Isn't it undercooked meat which could be a problem and deli meats??

    Charlotte 33+1 xXx
  • You shouldn't really eat prawns that have been cooked already, as they spend a lot of time in factories and apparently therefore have a higher risk of listeria - saying that the risk is minute.

    I wouldn't worry yourself about it, I've eaten a couple of prawn sandwiches etc and I'd be very surprised to hear anyone getting ill from one unless it was due to the prawns being off.

    Raw prawns which you cook yourself are fine though.

    Kat x
  • Thanks ladies, I am sure the sarnie was fine and to be perfectly honest will not be touching one again! Will stick to what I know.
  • praws are fine to eat. they are a food poisoing risk to everyone, not just pregnant women. ive never had food poisoning from prawns. i wouldnt eat them from a caravan on blackpool front, or similar establishment though.
    my mil said eating prawns was fine. my dietitian said not to as they are a risky food poisoning food.
  • Prawns are a concern for 2 reasons one being shellfish allergies and the other is food position from listeria.

    As far as I am concerned if there is no allergies in the family there is no concern, felt this way last time about peanuts and low and behold this time around they are say the same thing. :\)

    Listeria can be killed in 2 way on being cooked through correctly and the other is being frozen for at least 24 hours. I tend to make sure of both this things to be on the safe side but in reality there is a very small chance of listeria in this contry due to food standards.
  • my midwife said that unless you cook the prawns from fresh yourself without the shell on then to avoid them.

    Saying that I am sure your sarnie has done you no harm as the risk is minute.

    B xx
  • prawns and any other shellfish are fine as long as they are fresh, well cooked and eaten/served piping to avoid the pre packed sarnies in future but i wouldn't worry about it now...oh and as for food poisoning not being any greater risk..when ur preggers ur immunes system is lower so ur more lieklmy to get food poisoning than a non pregnant person, so whther or not u've had food poisoning from what ever food before is irrelevant, i had food poisoning from the salad bar at harvester when i was 6weeks pregnant, never had that before being pregnant, but liek i say, immune system is lower, which is why listeria from raw/runny eggs etc is also a concern when pregnant, not because its the same risk, but because its higher risk BECAUSE u are pregnant
  • the way i see it as long as the prawns are pink they have been cooked. i wouldnt eat them if they had been sittin there for god knows how long but from a shop like tescos you shouldnt really have any problems.
    i ate prawns when i was pregnant with my son plenty of times, and a few times with this one and had no problems.
    i also ate raw cake mix last time (more than once) and nothing happened.

    salad bar at the harvester is not really suprising for a place to catch something. just think how many people go to the toilet and dont wash their hands before rummaging to find a nice roll!!!
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