Old wives tales?????

Has anyone heard the owt about buying a pram/travel system and not letting it cross your door until the baby is born?
Does this apply to anything else baby wise?
I think like most people I want to set up the nursery a month before my due date and have everything ready for our baby, we can store the pram at my mums thats not a problem but I was worried its bad luck to buy anything?!
Any of your views/suggestions would be great.
Claire66 16 + 0


  • i wouldnt worry too much with "old wives tales" if i was you hun, like you said, thats all they are, i believe what will be will be, wether the pram crosses the door or not. i mean you cant leave decorating the babies nursery, putting the cot up etc till the baby is born! you will be way too tired and busy. getting the nursery done a month before your due date sounds about right to me, some people in the June forum even mentioned doing it in the next few weeks while they have the energy, The last stages of pregnancy are very diffecult and tiring.

  • hello claire, i have heard that of the pram too, and did not have the pram in my home with last pregnancy or this one. im very supersticious.

    i dont know of any thing else, i brought every thing else in if and when i had it.

    good luck and congrats, jodie 38+4
  • hi my mum will not let me have the pram in my home before the baby arrives, she is keeping it at her house. everything else is ok. but yes it is an old wives tale and if anything did go wrong it would be medical. but no its not bad luck to buy anything else. xxxx
  • i think its just superstition, u can buy them n keep them in the store n have them deliverdr wen u want but dont think it matters have faith n keep ur fingers crossed nothing will go wrong
  • i think its all superstition too!! i had the pram in the house with my last pregnancy and everything else too!i saved some clothes from my older daughter so does it mean id have to remove them from the house?!!!i agree that if anythin went wrong it would be a medical reason but if it makes you feel comfortable not having things in the house then thats up to you xxx
  • Our pram was delivered yesterday. It's in the conservatory.
    Our nursery was rapidly finished around 24 weeks when I went into premature labour (long before I had a pram in the house!!!!)
    I agree with others, do the nursery after your 20 week scan but before last trimester, while you still have the energy. And as for the pram... unless you have supremely helpful and nearby relatives, when you are lying in hospital waiting to go home, I'm sure the last thing your poor other half will be wanting to do is drive half way round the county to pick up baby bits and car seats to bring you home!!!

    If you feel uncomfortable about it, maybe keep the pram in the car rather than the house???

    good luck with everything!
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