Antenatal Classes....

We moved recently and have been trying to squeeze on to an antenatal course... but have been told definitely no room....
Who's done them - and how much did they help.....
I've tried to find some form of online type courses but can't
I'm going with my body's going to know what to do as long as I can stay relaxed.........
32 days to go!


  • Can you book into a NCT run antenatal class? You will have to pay, but I think its worth being a prepared for whats coming.


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  • Hi Judith

    I'm finding ours really useful. We are doing an NCT course, however, we were told they get booked up really quickly (ours already had 2 couples confirmed and I booked the day of our 12 week scan). Also, our NCT course is 6 weeks long so not sure you really have time to do a course and get your money's worth. I'm surprised that they can't squeeze you onto an NHS course.
    Have you tried asking if there is an alternative course you can attend.- perhaps at your 2nd choice hospital? Ultimately, it doesn't really matter where your courses are vs. where you are giving birth. It may not be your closest but they may let you on if there are spaces? The only alternative I can think of is to contact NCT, become a member (??35 I think) and explain the situation and see if the local NCT coordinator would be willing to give you the handouts, even if you can't attend the course?

  • the NCT seems to be booked up - I know Im Late in derby so Nottingham is my closest - they are gonna check some classes and give me acall back as spoken to my old midwife.... so fingers crossed only prob will be is that me and hubby dont drive...
  • In my area there is a private scanning centre that do antenatal. Worth a try! x
  • my local NCT offered me and my partner a one on one class in our own home as all our courses were booked. but they dont offer the stuff we want them to cover (after baby is born)


    40 weeks today!
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