What do i need to get?

My due date is fast approaching (13wks) and i have nothing except 8 packs of nappies my mum got me, a nappy bin, a steriliser and some bottles. I can't do the nursery yet as husband is gutting the downstairs of the house so there is no room to move anything, but am going to Homebase tomorrow for 10% day to get cot etc. But being a first time mum i have no idea what i need or should have to hand when LO arrives, any help or practical advice/tips you can give me i'd appreciate as all i can find are lists of things to take to hospital - it's the home i need to sort and i'm starting to panic!!!!image


  • If ur anything like me u'll only start realising wat things u need after the baby has arrived, and in some cases thats gud coz then u dnt buy stuff u dnt need. As far as essentials go, i wud say a large supply of vests and babygrow, coz the first couple of weeks are jus full ov sick and poo. Then a moses basket or crib or carrycot, a car seat (to be able to get out of the hospital doors), a trolley, bibs bibs bibs bibs. Like i said u'll think of other things that you need wen baby gets here and uve really established wat ur baby does and doesnt need. Kerry xxx


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