Hi everyone! I wrote a post on tuesday as i had my first scan and was a little nervous!Lol!

Well i had my scan, it wasnt all good news. About 2 months ago or so, i wrote a post that id been bleeding and was convinced id lost the baby, I wouldnt go to the hospital through this because i was too upset.

But 4 weeks later, no period and a bfp test! So you can imagine i was rather confused, i rang my midwife and she said come in, well book you in and just go through things normally.

So i went for my scan yesterday, expecting to be about 14 weeks, but it turns out im not, im actually only 6 weeks as this is a different pregnancy and did loose first time.

Im feeling every emotion going at the moment!Lol! Of course im really happy that i am pregnant but a bit upset as its bringing back all the upset again that i did loose.

But it means we must have caught literally like, the first fiew times we had sex after which was 2 weeks or so, I cant beleive it. But obviously i am thrilled.


  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so happy for you but also very sorry for your previous loss. I think this will be the most loved baby in the world!!!!

    You have been blessed. Hope you dont look back too much. And keep looking ahead with your new baby!!

    Good luck sweety
    tashy and bump
  • Sorry to hear that you lost your baby but many congratulations on this pregnancy and happy that you got pregnant again so soon after.

    I really hope everything goes well for you and take it easy these next few weeks.:\)

  • Hi I just want to say this happened to me last year i miscarried on valentines day yet did a test 3 weeks later and was bfp got taken to hospital as they originally thought that i had left over parts fromn miscarriage causing me to still have pos pg tests anyway went in expecting to have d + c but come away being told that it was new preg. Anyway I had so many emotions but my daughter is now a year old and now 6 weeks pregnant with 3rd.

    It was so hard to deal with at the time and was very tense and i absolutely hate the 1st 12 weeks now. I also went into prem labour on the day the other baby would have been due but labour was stopped.

    It is an emotional rollercoaster but had to stay positive for little bean.

    Congratulations and good luck.

  • That is sad and gud news in one. Congratulations on your six week "bump", and at least u av still got a little bundle of joy to luck 4ward to. U must be one fertile lady, or ur partner is one fertile man ha ha ha. Kerry x
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