My Birth Story...finally!

On Friday 27th Feb I went to the Midwife for my 3rd and final stretch and sweep. The Midwife had assured me that this one would work and she was quite rough to try and start things off. Throughout the day I carried on with normal activities (walking the dog, vacuuming, shopping.) At around 5pm I was getting my usual braxton hicks contractions but with a slight twinge at the same time but I thought nothing of it as I had been having these for the last 3 weeks and after the last 2 sweeps.
At 8pm my husband and I went to my brother in laws to let out his dogs as he was out and while we were there I was still getting these pains but a bit more noticeable so I timed them on the clock and they were every 8 minutes or so.
We arrived home at 10pm and the pains were still coming but now every 7mins and I still hadnt told my husband about this!
I wasnt in any pain as such just uncomfortable and really didnt think I was in labour, I thought it may be wind or something! lol!
I decided to get in a bath thinking that if it wasnt labour then the pains would ease off, in the bath the pains got worse and my husband came in to talk to me but I couldnt speak to him through a contraction! At this point he realised something was going on!
I got out of the bath at 10.45pm and was on the floor when a contraction came or holding onto the door frame, and I certainly couldnt talk through one. My husband strapped the tens machine on for me and I took a couple of paracetamol. When my husband called the birthing unit they spoke to me but I really cant remember what I said to them as I really didnt want to speak to anyone. They said to stay at home for as long as possible and come in when I really couldnt cope anymore.
My mum came over at midnight to collect our dog and I was in our living room on the birthing ball telling her that I still didnt believe it was labour and that I was sure I would be fine! But a minute later I had a contraction and couldnt talk to anyone and just rolled around the floor on my ball!
At 0100 my husband litreally forced me to go to the birthing centre as I was so convinced that they would send me home I didnt want to go and waste their time!
At 0130 we arrived at the centre and I was examined and told I was 5cm!!!! I couldnt believe it, and it didnt really sink in that I was in labour.
For the next couple of hours I stayed mobile changing position from kneeling leaning over the head of the bed, standing and rocking from side to side, flopping over the ball, and laying down (which was the most uncomfortable for me!)
Well all of my contraction pain was in my back and my hips and it just didnt matter what position I got into I just could not get comfortable and by 4am I decided to crack open the gas and air! What marvellous stuff that is! I was amazed at how drunk it made me feel and took the edge off the pain whilst making me concentrate on breathing long deep breaths.
At around this time I was checked by the midwife who told me that I was now 7cm dilated. I was getting quite frustrated by this point that I still wasnt in the birthing pool as I had always wanted a water birth but they kept telling me that another lady was using it and I remember at one point shouting 'get that b**ch out of the pool, what is taking her so long!'
At 5am I was soooo relieved to be told I could get into the pool, so in I got and it was heavenly! So warm and with the lights dimmed and my CD playing music in the background it really did relax me.
I was still puffing on the G&A during contractions but the weighless feeling in the water meant that the pain in my back and hips eased alot.
At around 6.50am I asked the midwife how far along I was and she leant over the edge of the pool and confirmed that I was 9.5cm! At this point I freaked a bit and got it into my head that I could no longer push this baby out and I wanted to go home!
It is so strange how your body takes over at this point and with each contraction my body pushed whether I wanted to or not and it felt like I had a coconut coming down through my bits! lol. My husband later told me I went some funny colours whilst pushing.
My waters still had not broken by this point so I was actually pushing out some of the amniotic sac which eventually popped but I was dissapointed as I thought that was her head coming out!
At 0710am I put my hand 'down there' to see what I could feel and popped a finger 'up there' and stunned said 'oh my god what is that! I think its a head!' to which the midwife giggled and replied 'well what do you expect your about to have a baby!'
The next few pushes were frustrating as her head came out a bit and went back in but when her head did pop out it was such a relief but the weirdest feeling to have a head just sitting there! I had a 2 minute rest before the next contraction and with that one her body followed, the midwife caught her under the water and raised her up to me. My husband cut the cord and I cried my eyes out!
She was born at 0731am weighed 7lb 12oz and we named her Georgia-May.
I then had the injection in my leg for the placenta and was helped out of the pool as my legs were like jelly! I was put on a bed and the midwife removed the placenta.
Another midwife came into examine me and said four words that I adored her for 'no stitches, just grazes!'
After 2 hours of skin to skin and my girl having a feed I went to have a bath and a wee (ouch!) A tip for anyone about to give birth is remember to either pour water between your legs when weeing, wee in the shower or bath afterwards as it stings like hell. I also took in a small pack of moist toilet tissues which I found a huge help for the next 24hours.

Giving birth really wasnt as bad as I thought it would be, dont get me wrong it wasn't fun but 10 and a half hours of pain for the amazing result at the end is so worth it and I would do it all again to have her here.
I wish everyone the best of luck with your labours but keep an open mind and try to relax, just think, every contraction brings you one step closer to meeting your baby.



  • Thank you, the water birth really was lovely and I cant imagine doing it any other way.
  • What a lovely, non-scary birth story - thank you! :\)

    Oh, and congratulations on your little girl xx
  • Congratulations.

    That was a lovely birth story, I would like a water birth so its great to hear your experience x
  • what a lovely story, i must be mad saying this but i can't wait for labour to start now!!! (even if this is my 3rd time!) but congrats anywayz on the arrival of beautiful lil lady!

    36wks today
  • congratulations! and what a lovely birth story!

    aileen xx
  • Congratulations, I hope mine goes as easy as yours! I'm even more keen to have a water birth now.
  • Aw what a great birth story - well done you! x
  • That was fab, thank you for sharing and enjoy every precious moment with your Georgia- May! :\)
  • Thank you for all your lovely comments girls and I really hope you all have just as good a birth story to write.
  • What a great story!! and LOL at the poor woman in the pool!!
    Lovely name. x
    30 wks
  • Thats such a wonderful story and it's made me feel sooo much better about birth. I want a water birth as wellimage I am soooo pleased for you and very proud of you as wellimage

    Well done honey

    K xx
  • Congratulations hun - such a lovely birth story!!
    I'm hoping for a water birth too.

  • Loved your birth story - thanks so much for sharing.
    I too plan to have a water birth and if mine is half as good as yours i will be happy!
    I hope your enjoying being a mother.
  • Thanks for that story you made me giggle at points!
    Your labour was actually quite similar to mine once in the hospital it amazes me!! But that was over 3 years ago and im now 21 weeks pregnant with no.2 and hoping it goes as smoothly and in the pool.
    Congratulations on the birth of georgia may

    21+3 xXx
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