The peace of mind of doppler! Phew

I was a little scared as baby didnt move a lot yesterday. I was quite busy yesterday at work so didnt have much time to chill at the computer which is usually when I feel his little kicks. The other time I feel his kicks is when I get into bed at about 8.30/9 but last night we stayed up to watch a film so by the time I got to bed baby must have got to sleep.

I was a bit worried this morning as I thought hed been a bit quiet so I put my angel sound on and his heartbeat was nice and strong and then he started kicking away, it may have been as my hands were cold or prodding or it may have been as i'd put MTV on but he hasnt stopped all morning.

What a relief. If I hadnt had the doppler I could have been worrying all morning and no doubt would have ended up in a & e lol

Georgie 20 weeks today! xx


  • Hey georgie

    I am 20weeks on monday and a few weeks back purchased a doppler and i agree with u, it helps my mind so much when i turn it on and listen to the lil heartbeat!
    Ive been fairly worried tho as havent been feeling the kicks yet but this is my first and im constantly busy at work throughout the week!But last night whilst my partner was at work i felt the baby kick for the first time!whilst talking to my mum who lives in oz i suddenly felt about 5 kicks where my palm was lying on stomach!it was amazing! havent felt anything today tho but hopefully tonight he'l make sure he lets me know of his presence hehe!
    But the doppler has helped me so much not to worry!

    katie x 20weeks on monday!
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