early sweep!?

Hi all,
i was wondering if any 1 can help. I am 38+3 today and wondered if i could ask MW for an early sweep?
baby is 3/5 engaged. But i am suffering with bad SPD and cant take it any longer. Apart from that everything is ok. I dont think i can handle the pain any longer. I have tried the long walks and clary sage oil e.t.c....
Nothing seems to work, im an emotional wreck and its getting me down now!! any info is greatly appreciated x


  • hi i am so sorry you are having a rough time i think it is a possibility if your mw realizes how much pain you are in, let us know how you get on xx
  • Awwww bless ya know how you feel! i'm suffering just as badly(and i have a back brace, and crutches! not even thats helping), gunna see if my physio can do something for me thou when i see her again Friday. Can't say whether they do anything early for you best i can suggest there is to talk to your MW or your OB about it. Cos trust me i got an OB app and growth scan in 3wks and i'm taking the OH with me and i'm gunna get him to talk turkey to the OB about this. We're all fed up now! Let me know how you get on cos if there's the slightest glimmer of hope of them doing something early i'll be asking too!!!!

  • i would imagine as you are in alot of pain then she would consider doing one if you were to ask. i hope she agrees xxx
  • Hi i suffer from really bad SPD as well i have had my crutches since i was 19 weeks and my midwife told me that even if i was in a wheelchair because of the pain i still wouldnt get induced early, i dunno if its the same in ur area though as i live in scotland. Im now 34+1 and in soo much pain every day, the only thing i can do is take my painkillers the doctor gave me co-codamol and rest loads xx
  • My midwife offered me a slightly early sweep at 39+4, just because I happened to be seeing her that day, not because I was in pain or anything. So I don't see why she wouldn't (unless you're not favourable and then she might consider it a waste of time).
  • Unfortunately even if they do a sweep there is no guarentee it will work I had 4 over 2days last week (due to a spell in hospital) and I am still here with a bump! I do hope they can do something for you though and that you get some relief soon.
  • Thanx 4 all the replies ladies.
    Shes only in my area on mondays so it would mean me having 1 at 39+3 or 40+3 weeks! and i cant ask her till im 39+3 cos she on hol 4 a week. unless i could ring the alternate MW and ask her!? x
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