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Hi Ladies

I'm currently 5 + 2 and was wondering how long you waited to tell your head teachers? I only got my BFP on Friday and we're on mid term break just now. I have my first midwife appointment in a few weeks and it's unfortunately during school time so I'll have to say by then.



  • Im a TA. I got mt BFP the day I finished for the summer hols so was about 10 weeks by the time I went back to work (so gutted as spent the whole of the summer hols throwing up 3 to 4 times a day!) I just went in and told my head but asked him to keep it to himself until I had, had my 12 week scan which luckily I had at 11 weeks so didn't have to keep it from my colleagues for too long!
  • I wasnt going to tell my head until my 12 week scan as I managed to get my mw app after school. Unfortunatley I had a mc at 5 + 4 and had to tell him then but he was lovely about it. Now have decided I may tell him straight away next time as I would tell him if I mc so therefore would have no problem in telling him early.

    Congrats on the BFP! xxx
  • Hi
    I am a primary teacher and I haven't told my head yet, infact not told anyone yet lol I am 7 weeks but have had to go for a scan early and they think i am less then 7 weeks from when i OV etc. SO i think i am going to speak to my head after i go back aftr the hols depending on my next scan next mon morning.

    Congrats on BFP xx
  • Hey, I'm a teacher and told my head at 7 weeks. She has been lovely and really supportive- even brought me ginger bics! Now 8+3 and have my first appt with midwife first thing Mon so will have to get supply booked. It was really nice to tell someone at work though
  • Im a primary school teacher and am 9+4. I found out i was pregnant really early, think i was just 4 weeks. I waited until i was 5 weeks to tell head, but only because i was worried about my job and started to feel sick. Im on temp contract and it expires on aug 30th. Baby is due late sept so thought id messed things up, but as it turns out he said there is no problem and my contract is being made perm anyway which is good news (cos ive been temp for 2 years he said he has to make me perm or get glad he chose the first option!)

    Anyway, im so glad i told him as ive been having really bad sickness and i had horrible pains im my stomach so had to go have early scan etc. He's been so supportive and let me have whatever time i need. I suppose it depends how accommadating your head is?? Can you talk to him/her and feel comfortable?? Im lucky, mine is an amazing head, if he wasnt im not so sure what i would have done. Only prob i have is that now all staff know, as they worked it out due to time off etc!! Bit of a shame as we've only told close friends and family. We were keeping it a secret from rest of world, so feel a bit of a fraud as there are people i would have prefered to tell over the whole of my staff room. But never mind!!

    What is the worry with telling head?? They have to be so careful these days with pregnant staff....i know you shouldnt say it, but you get so many more rights when your pregnant, Or your may end up like me and have to tell them if you need to be sick or need time off etc!!! Maybe just tell the person you work with the closest....TA or someone?? Just incase you need to run out to the loo or something!!

    Hope this helps. Dont feel pressred to tell your head, im sure officially you can wait until 15 weeks before your due or something like that?!
  • Thank you so much for all your replies. It's just nice to hear what other people decided to do. I think I'm going to tell my HT on Monday (it's kind of still sinking in with my Hubby and I!) She's so lovely so I'm sure it won't cause any problems. I'm lucky as I also have a student teacher with me just now and they are due to take over full responsibility soon.
    Enjoy your pregnancies and thank you again
    P.S Congrats on your permanent contract era9!
  • i cant remember when i told my head. i had to tell him early because i was due to go on an overnight trip that involved cave walking. he was fine about it and said i didnt need to go on the trip. but then he went and let it slip in a staff meeting. i didnt get to tell people myself.
  • i didn't tell mine until after the 12 week scan. i didn't want to tell him before i'd told parents etc and we waited until the scan to spread the news! i had 1 midwife appointment before the scan and i just said i had an appointment. there was no problem x
  • i told at 5 weeks (just because i felt she needed to know incase anything happened) i was glad i did because i started bleeding at 6 weeks and needed time off for early scans (nd thank goodness everything was okay) anyway she promised to keep it to herself and i told the rest of the people at work at 13 weeks after telling my family etc. I was glad to tell the head and she managed to get me out of doing playground duties and things when it was snowy...definitly been well taken care of.
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