stupid comments, need to rant!!

Hi, peeps, hope you are all well.
Just thought I would come on and have a rant to people who know exactly how peeed off with people I am rite now!!

I've had the following comments off of people with regard to this pregancy.

1) Do you know what your having?, Yes it's a girl
Oh another girl, never mind. Are you gona keep trying till you have a boy then?
Er no we just wanted another baby!

2) Oh your gona have you hands full with 3, how are you gona cope!!
I'm sure I'll manage thanx!

3) Was it planned?
errrrr yes!! But mind ur own!!

4) Have you not got a tv in your house??
Ha Ha, your very funny!!

5) Oh god your having another 1, Oh well never mind!
Excuse me, never mind?? A checkout woman said this to me today. I felt quite upset after she said it. Since when did people start thinking it was ok to make me feel like shit about my own pregnancy. I try not to let it get me down but it's getting really hard. I want this baby more than n e thing and yes it was planned. Yes we would've prefured a boy but we are very happy to be having another girl and no we will not keeping trying until we get a boy. I'm so pissed off rite now I could scream!! What wrong with having your kids close in age if thats what you want??? It's me thats got to deal with it not you!!! Fuck off with your pathetic comments, arrrrggghhh!!

Sorry girls, I feel better now, thanx for reading!! x x x

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  • lol, know what you mean ablut people making stupid or hurtful comments. I went to semi chem today and the lade on the till, said ohh you haven't got long left have you? When I replied that I still had just under 4 weeks left she turned round and said GOD UR HUGE! Fuck off your fat was the reply that was in my head but I won't be so rude to comment on her size so what gives her the right to comment on mine???
    Tammi xxx
    36.2 wks
  • people are just really thoughtless! xx
  • Oh yeah 4got the size one!! LOL! I'm quite big at the moment too but I am 34 weeks now!! Babies don't just grow out ov thin air!!
  • lol its only baby no. 2 for me - my son was 2 in january and im so sick of the 'have you not got a tv'
    and 'a tv would be cheaper'
    and i agree but the other way round with the another boy thing lol !!!!
  • People are idiots. My favourites were:

    "Wow, you're getting fat!"
    "Was it planned or was it an accident?"
    "I think you should name the baby_______"
  • oooo-the name the baby one really winds me up, especially since we've already decided on a name and everyone knows its not like its just a suggestion, they're basically saying-what you want to name your baby is shit you should call him what I thinks better.
    My sisters really winding me up with that one, she got really upset when she was pregnant because noone liked the name she'd picked for her baby-but she stuck by it. However, now she's had him she's decided its ok to tell me I shouldnt call my baby what I like-I should call him Jared.....I wouldnt mind so much but I stuck by her when everyone was telling her that her name was rubbish;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • some people are just so thoughtless! I told someone that we liked the name Amber for a girl and she said "why? Its really weird" she hardly even knew me! I hate the way people ask if it was planned, its none of their bloody business!

  • 4) Have you not got a tv in your house??
    Ha Ha, your very funny!!

    5) Oh god your having another 1, Oh well never mind!

    I too get these daft questions - I'm expecting my 5th now but got the exact same questions with no3 and no4!! :roll:
  • ha ha ha, I've got 4 children and when I was pregnant people kept asking me if I knew what caused it!!!!!
  • Dont forget the
    1, are you sure theres only one in there?
    yes, whats your excuse.
    2, do you know what it is?
    err a baby dumbass!
    3, have you bought everything yet?
    4, is your partner happy?
    grrrrrrrrr again.

    i found saying just fuck off works as a response for each of these questions and the abrubt rudeness can be put down as "hormonal problems" they seem to get the blame for everything anyway. like when someone backed into my car last week and i told them off it was because im a "crazy pregnant lady" any other time id of been fine, yeah right!
  • Thank you for all your comments, glad I'm not the only one!! Seems to me that everyone should only be 'allowed' to have two children, a girl and a boy, not get too 'fat' whilst pregnant, and not have them close together!!!! What is it with people!! If it like this having 3 I can't imagine what people would say if we were to have ne more!! I spose we should just let the comments go over our heads and just enjoy raising our little or large families!!! I think sometimes people aren't happy unless they are upsetting someone else!! Pregnant woman are just easy targets!!

  • Wow that is so funny- I get that too.

    Oh and the one that everyone say's

    - so you getting married now?!

    Err no

    - so it must have been an accident

    Err no- planned!!!! grr

    And yep the one that annoys me most-

    -wow your so big-

    Err maybe that's because your fat so you wish you had an excuse.... err yeah thought so!!! Dicks!!!!

    God- makes me so angry!!!

    And the other thing that annoys me is when people say because I am so small I'll get strecth marks... is that even true? Or should I tell them to fuck off too?!!!!
  • sarah oh my god, how fucking rude, i cannot believe what the check out lady said, i think its great your having another girl as you know!!! im actually really angry 4 u!!!! what did u say to her???? you are gonna be the best mum i know, if any one can look after 3 beautiful girls it is you and that is all you should waste your time thinking about!!! love you vix xxxx
  • Loving all your rants lol
    I was in the supermarket not so long ago with my son in the pram and i was going to a party that night so had false nails ect, make up ect in my basket. Anyway as i was getting closer to the front i heard an elderly man say "thats extravigant spending for a single mum , i didnt realise they paid so much in benefits these days" I stopped for a minute taken aback then asked him to repeat what he had said. Usually im quite laid back but this really wound me up. Everyone in the queue was staring at me at this point, so i quite carmly explained to this man that, not only have i been with my oh for 6 years, i own my own 4 bed semi, do not claim any benefits and both me and other half both work and i will do up until the week my baby is due! To which everyone in the queue started clapping. I was so embarrased!! he did appologise and say he had just assumed, to which i told him that he should keep his opinions to himself and that even if i was a single mum it would be nothing to do with him how much i spent on my things and that single mum's have a very hard job bringing their kids up and deserve to go out just as much as the next person! Im just glad my oh wasnt there!
  • oh my god speckle, i cant believe that story!!! im so impressed you had the quick wittedness(spelling!!) to speak back to the pompous old git!!!! i think i would have gone bright red and stuttered something quite incoherant(spelling!!again!!!) if i had been there i would have clapped myself xx
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