(embarrassing but..) comfy sex postions for bump?

this is embarrassing, but if you read my earlier post to yummy mummy, you will know the midwife said we were to try sex positions where i dont need to open my legs cause of pelvis pain with bump etc....

so anyway, i dont realy know of any of these positions, except maybe spooning, but we normal have him on top or me on top (both i have my legs open)

we tried him behind, but i still had to open my legs...so anyone got any suggestions for one that will mean bump doesnt get in way and also i not need legs open so much ??


  • spoon position is good. he cant penetrate too far and you are kinda in charge in that you can change the angle. When you say him are you refering to doggy style. I wasnt too keen on spoon but it is now the favourite so havent really experimented with any others! How far gone are you? probs further than me! xxx
  • hi im 22 weeks, so im not massive, but it still kind of puts me off if he's on top and rubs against bump, or if i know he can really see it if im on top, (and yeah it was doggy)

    but thanks will try spooning more and see how we get on x

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  • your a week ahead image

    My bump isn't too large that it gets in the way. With spooning he can decide where he wants to hold you and doesnt even have to touch/see bump if doesnt want too. Does that make sense? I find with doggy styler you cant control how far he penetrates where spooning you can. I stopped lying on my back a few weeks back becuase i heard it isnt good for you, something to do with the weight of the growing uterus puts pressure on major blood vessels.

    if your worried about him seeing bump etc, I've read a few posts where partners have been put off by bump etc or they dont feel sexy you could always try it with the lights switched off. Not sure if any of this helps image xxx
  • thanks yeah oh is not atall put off by bump, its just me, and it isnt really big, it was more the pelvis problem.

    we like the lights on but i sometimes just wear a wee top or something then i dont feel so self conscious.

    thanks for your help, and will give spooning a go cause im sure that we be great for when bump is massive too x
  • *Reverse cowboy is good - your on top but back to front, he doesnt see bump and you have control.
    *Spooning which has been mentioned a couple of times...
    *I'd try doggy again but keep your knees together but lower your back so your arms are almost out streight (very good for the G spot! lol)
    *another one would be if you have a very high bed (i do) you can stand up and bend at the waist to lean on it and if he is behind you - you can tell him not to move and push back so you have more control (and its great to build antisipation!)
    *another would be if he sits on a sterdy chair and you sit on his lap!

    failing that there is always oral and mutual which can be quite nice too...

    sorry if tmi! lol thought it might help! xxx ;\)

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  • Hi, we've been doing a lot of this one (when i say a lot i mean as often as i can be bothered ...which isnt actually that much!)

    start off in spoons for a bit and then hook your top leg over his and manouvere so your on your back with both legs over him. so you basically lying on your back and hes on his side (so together you make a kind of cross shape) does this make sense? i like it cos he's doing most of the work but you can control how deep he goes! and it should be good for you as you wont need to open your legs at all hardly!
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