feel like s**t for past day

hiya all,
i woke up yday in the mornin was fine went to anti natal class when i got back i felt really ill so went to sleep for a while then woke up later on to find i had a major sore throat and felt ill, so i took paracetamol but that didnt work so went to bed to only wake up this morning with tonsilitus and a cold etc.

was jus wondering if tonsilitus is ok during pregnancy?

thanks kayleigh xx:\?

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  • thanks for everyone just looking a not givin me advice
  • hi hun ive never had this but think your tinsilitis want harm your baby i would go to docs and get something tho my doc said paracetamol is ok to take after 12 weeks cus baby is formed and ive heard of people taking antibiotics while pregnant i would try and rest as much as you can tho and sorry your feeling so unwell just what you dont need
    hope your feeling better very soon

    take care xxx
  • I had bad flu a couple of weeks ago and all I was allowed was paracetamol but am sure if you went to docs with tonsilitus then you would be given antibiotics that are safe to take in pregnancy.
    Rest loads and keep drinking loads! Thats the advice I was given which sucked a bit when you just want a magical cure.
    Am pretty sure it wont harm baby in anyway!
    Take care, Love Lee xxxxx
  • hiya thanks for my reply im just abit concerned as im 39 weeks pregnant and dont want to have the baby being ill, as baby could come at anytime lol

    thanks again
    kayleigh and bump xx

    sorry my brain is going lol

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  • For your sake then I think you should get to the docs asap (didnt realise you were that far gone)
    Purely for the reason that going through labour and tonsilitus is going to be quite a strain on you and being that far gone then they must be able to give you antibiotics.
    Take care, Love Lee xxxx
  • i will do thanx for your replies all xxx
  • if its any consolation I feel the same I am only 27 weeks though but feeling very sorry for self. Hope that you feel better soon, put your feet up and drink plenty. Take care
    kirsten And Ella Bump
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