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Hi i know this post has been doen before but just thought id ask.
I know that you still aquire holidays when your on maternity leave, the thing is my holiday year has only just started. I want to start my maternity leave as late as possible so i have more time off after baby is born. As my maternity leave will over lap the next years holiday date can i take my hols early? I am entitled to 20 paid days a year(part time) so will get 6 weeks off if i can get it, but if i cant take it early i will be losing 10 months paid holidays, as my hols restart and i lose both the hols and pay!

I hope this makes sense,any help will be uch appreciated.

Thanks alot beck 26+4 weeks x


  • Hey
    Yes you can take it before your maternity leave!
    However its down to your managers discrecion (sp?) I was entitles to 14 additional days but boss said no!! well pissed off as they are treating me quite bad so taking it off as sick leave!!

    If they say no they should write you a letter to confirm you can carry it over to next year or be paid for them if you lose them.
    Well thats how it is in my job think its standard but not sure???!!

    Good luck
    Laura (28+6) xxx
  • Hi,
    My holiday year has just started too, I have booked 4 weeks off before my maternity as I have to use it before I go on maternity leave or I lose it-can't carry it over.
    As I am going into the next holiday year I may see if I can book some holiday at the end of my maternity leave to extend it and have some more money!!!

    Hope you can get it sorted out!
    Lydia xx (15+1)
  • I think you are entitled to it.

    I had a 'do' with my HR department over bank holiday days that I think you should also be entitled to, but you're not - its at your employers discretion and mine are b*stards, I only get smp.

    Keep in mind though, if your baby is due after this October you are entitled to claim days in lieu for any bank holidays that fall in your maternity leave, so that's an extra 8 days full pay.
  • Hi thanks for the advice, my babys due in July so i wont be entitled to the days in lieu but hopefully be able to take my hol pay,i've just spoken to CAB not that they were any good just said to speak to my manager (but i dont trust him one bit) oh well hopefully beable to take it x
  • You should be entitled to all the normal working benefits while on maternity, be it holidays, bonus or Bank Holidays. But when you can take the time off will be subject to discussion between you and your manager. I am taking my hols before my mat leave, then tagging my BH days on once my paid mat leave ends.
    Gill010608 that doesn't sound right but sometimes they can have allsorts hidden in the small print!!
  • You should definitely be entitled to bank holidays and also you should be able to take your holiday as pay rather than as the actual days holidays. I just handed my notice in and received a letter stating that I was entitled to 15 days holiday plus 8 bank holidays pay, and this was even though I had just handed my notice in. I was under the impression that this was covered under employment law that even though you are on maternity leave you still acrue holiday as you are still classed as a full employee.
  • Hi speckle,
    I thought that maternity leave starts on either your due date or the day the baby is born. You can not start it later(I wanted to take my annual leave 1st then start my maternity leave later but not allowd to, but I am able to carry my leave over ) .Depending on what company you work for, you could try asking your manager if you can or speak to your H.R department.
    gill01608, in my old company you had to work for them for a whole financial year before you are entitled to bank hols. So in effect I worked for them for 2 years before i had bank hols.(small print yeh!)
  • Havana

    You have to take your maternity leave before the baby is born or it starts automatically the day the baby is born. I am thinking of taking my annual holidays 6 weeks before my due date and then going straight onto maternity leave.

    I rang HR today and they have said that they have no problems with taking your annual leave before maternity, but it is managers disgression weather or not he allows me to have it. Ive checked in my works diary if anyone has booked the days off that i want and there all free, so if he does refuse me i am going to ask for his reason in writing.
    His only excuse for not granting it is 1. if there are too many people off(which i know there isnt) 2. if they cant get cover on the dates i need(but i'll be going on maternity earlier if i cant get them so i wont be there anyway) Anyway i'll keep you informed x
  • Just a quick update

    I spoke to the head of my HR dept at work and she has confimed that by law i can take my full holiday entitlement before i go on maternity leave YEAH!! but if for any reason i dont get to take it all i.e baby comes early, i can write to my manager requesting that all my holiday is paid to me in full and it doesnt effect my maternity pay. So all good news! Plus i'm only due back at work next July so i'll have another 6 weeks to take when i get back. My managers not going to be a happy bunny lol
  • Glad u got it sorted. My company are letting me carry my holidays over into the next year so they are jus been added on to the end of my mat leave. However im thinking that i might take 2wks holiday before my mat leave starts and then six weeks at the end. xxx

  • Hi guys, it's definitely at your emplooyers discretion. I got a bee in my bonnet and phoned department of work and pensions and also citizens advice. I absolutely agree that you SHOULD get them though. Havana, I've worked for the same people for 8 YEARS, so I thought they might have looked positively at it but no, its a male orientated industry where girls are indispensible x
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