stop me buying things!!!!

Last night I found an old gift card from debenhams and I checked the amount and it was for ??25 i have no idea if it was still working a I have no idea why it was sat in my draw so i went on line and bought these image

K xx


  • awww K-Lou there so cute! Your little girl will look gorgeous in them!!! If you had a gift card, u may as well have used it! i think they do last a good while before they expire.

    Lea x
  • I went to mothercare at the weekend and really had to hold back!
    We dont know what we are having, so all the boy/girl specific clothes I loved could not be purchased! But me and hubby had fun cooing over them!

    24 + 2
  • wow i love debenhams for kiddies clothes!! have u put it wrong ur more than 8+6 rnt u?? xxx
  • LOL sorry girls I am 18+6, 19 weeks tomorrow. I don't know what is wrong with me. I was sooo set on not buying a single thing till 24 weeks I really was every time somebody tried to give me something they had bought like my family I would not take it or even look at it.

    Last sunday my nan just brought this basket to give me and once i took one look there is no stopping me. I think I got that car about two years ago though as i am pretty sure it was a Christmas gift from my MIL and this year she bought me something.

    I think they are sooooo cute andjust pleased I had the card to buy then I have never looked at the clothes in there before but now I can't stop looking.

    Mrs Dickson - have you bought anything yet love or you waiting till a certain stage??

    K xx

  • Hahaha K-lou, I was going to say, how do you know you are having a girl at 8+6 !!!!! was going to ask WHERE you had that scan lol !!!
  • hee hee baby brain already MrsTH I am going mad, I get so excited typing on here they never make any sense!!

    Kelly - oh thats really good to know, I picked the 0-3 months do you think that will be ok??

    K xx
  • I've limited myself to one thing a i get closer to my dd my quota will go up.....but we find out what we're having in 3 weeks so i'm holding off buying clothes untill then. We've been so lucky as bro n sis in law are pretty much giving us everything as they have 21/2 year old twins (boy and girl) and a 9 month old boy and aren't having any more kids....
  • K-lou - step away from the internet!!!
  • i cnt w8 to buy things!! i saw a lovely unisex set that i wanted 2 buy 2day but am hopefully finding out the sex in 2 weeks so will w8!! i dnt usually but till after 6 mths but am starting to find it hard this time round already!! xxx

    hannah 14 weeks
  • hi im sam 25, 19 weeks pregnant i have a 5 year old daughter, i have always shopped at next for my daughter so probably be the same with this one, its really hard at the minute as i spend alot of time in next shopping, dont want to buy anything just yet as dont find out what im having till 26th so after that im going to go crazey, the only thing ive bought is my pram i couldnt resist its gorgeous!
  • ooh wot pram u had sam?
  • they are gorgeous clothes. im so jealous i havnt been able to buy a single outfit as we dont know what we are having image x
  • u can get some white stuff cnt u hun? jasper conran usually do some nice all in ones in neutral colours xxx
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